Liberty's Breeds:

Liberty is a 2-year- old greyhound that was born on a farm in Kansas. As he matured it
was clear that he would not be a good candidate for racing due some issues with the
way he used his hind end. Greyt Expectations Greyhound Rescue was contacted to see
if we would be willing to bring him in for adoption. His first vet visit revealed that he
has a very short stride because the tendons in his hind legs are too short. Because of
this, he had lost flexibility and range of motion in the hind end and could not stand up
on his own from a lying down or sitting position. It was clear that he was going to need
extensive physical therapy and some medications to keep him pain free. In addition,
our vet recommended Canna-Pet hemp oil. At first, we were skeptical but decided to
give it a try and we noticed an immediate difference in Liberty’s attitude and response
to his stretching and physical therapy. Currently he gets Canna-Pet oil every other day when
he goes thru his more intense workouts. Recently our vet reassessed his flexibility and
muscle mass and found his flexibility had increases by over 25% and his muscle mass
increased by over 2” on both rear legs. He is still getting physical therapy daily but has
started to be able to stand up on his own more and more. The hemp oil works for him
on so many levels that it has been a real asset to his recovery. We are hopeful for a
great outcome for Liberty and that he will be available for adoption soon. Thank you
for creating a great product!!