Kona's Breeds:

Kona was abandoned as a pup, along with the rest of her litter – left in boxes in the wee hours of the morning on doorsteps down our street in Orlando, Florida. She quickly found her way into our hearts, and became part of our “pack”. Kona has always been the peacemaker – jumping in between any other dogs when tensions arose. Her funny, sunny personality has always had a way of diffusing volatile situations. About a year ago, at age 15, Kona started having trouble with her hind legs. They were wobbly and couldn’t support her weight, but that didn’t stop her from crawling up the stairs multiple times a day and at night to be around her family, which by now included 2 younger dogs. Her original pack passed back in 2012, and we knew Kona had plenty of life left in her, so we just had to get over our grief and find her some more playmates.

We are so grateful that Kona’s hydrotherapist recommended Canna-Pet for Kona. She had been going through some issues with pain at night, waking us up multiple times each evening. As soon as we started administering Canna-Pet MAX  oil 3-4 times per day, Kona’s quality of life changed dramatically. She wants to play with our other two (much younger) dogs, enjoys long walks around the neighborhood in her Walkin’ Wheels, and sleeps comfortably through the night. Her appetite has improved, too, as well as her overall demeanor. She is still our happy, funny, sunny girl, and for that, we can’t thank Canna-Pet enough. Kona just turned 16, and seems to have no intention of leaving us anytime soon!