Health Issues:

Hello, My name is Jenna. I live in Berlin, Connecticut, and was hoping to be able to say thank you to the Canna-Pet team and share my dog’s story. My dog’s name was Kirby. She was just 8 weeks old when I adopted her and right from the start Kirby was my life. She was like a therapy dog for me in a way, she was my baby. At two years old, Kirby had been sick, but no vet could figure out what was wrong with her. She was progressively getting worse as weeks went by. She was suffering, and I would do anything to make her feel better. One evening, I brought Kirby to an emergency vet hospital. They had Kirby stay overnight to do testing on her. Early the next morning I received a phone call from the vet hospital saying they had let Kirby outside to go to the bathroom.. And she ran away! It was almost 100 degrees out that day. My dog was sick, it was extremely hot out, and she escaped from the vet! We got together a search party and after about 8 hours of searching and lots of help from friends, Kirby was found in town hanging out by a river! The doctors quickly got her into the hospital. After five days of testing, they discovered my sweet Kirby Girl had leukemia. They said she had a week at most to live and sent her home with me. It was the most devastating thing that could happen – Kirby was everything to me. I was recommended by my friend John who has worked for a vet for years to look into CBD for cancer treatment. He told me he knew of multiple dog owners that had used CBD to give their animal relief from cancer, and saved their lives. While doing hours of research, I came across the Canna-Pet website. The day after Kirby came home from the vet, I ordered multiple products from Canna-Pet and was communicating with a Canna-Pet associate who very kindly assisted me to find the correct products for Kirby. Our products arrived in a timely manner, which of course is crucial and extremely important when you are trying to help a sick animal. I was just thrilled to try a natural product and hoped it could, if nothing more, help my Kirby to feel a little bit better. I have ordered multiple bottles of CBD Max Hemp Liquid, boxes of Canna-Biscuts, and the Canna-Pet Advanced Capsules. Canna-Pet offered different ways and options to give your pet their dose of CBD, which is a wonderful thing, and doesn’t seem to be the case with other CBD companies. I have not found another company that offers CBD for pets in such a wide variety of products and so many options. The change in my dog was immense, right from the first few doses of CBD. I could tell she was at least feeling more like her normal self. And after a week of taking different Canna-Pet products, Kirby was eating, playing with her pup friends, sleeping through the night, and had less side effects from her cancer medications. Our vet gave Kirby less than a week to live after she was diagnosed. Kirby lived for almost two months after her initial diagnoses, and on September 22nd, 2016, she passed away. Those extra weeks I was able to spend giving my dog attention, love and care, I owe that time to Canna-Pet. Every single moment I spent with Kirby after she became sick, I owe those moments and memories to Canna-Pet. It was the absolute worst thing, watching my baby, whom I’d would do anything for, suffering. Had it not been for Canna-Pet products, I would be unable to give my dog any comfort in the last few weeks she spent with me. Canna-Pet gave me the opportunity to give Kirby some relief. It gave her the opportunity to be a normal dog, even while she was sick. It gave me peace of mind, and although I lost Kirby, Canna-Pet saved us in a way. I did everything I could for her, with the help of Canna-Pet CBD products. I tell everybody about the wonders of Canna-Pet, and that CBD has the ability to ease the mind of pet owners – wether your pet is sick or has behavioral problems, Canna-Pet can help. Two years after Kirby died, I have gotten a new dog. Remy. And I absolutely use Canna-Pet with her, to treat anxiety and skin conditions. I owe so much to everyone who helped my dog feel more comfortable during the worst time in her life. Thank you Canna-Pet! Me, Kirby & Remy are some of your biggest fans!