This is Kitter Khouie in May, 2017. Khouie was my rescue kitty for 9 years! He was the best cat I have ever had! So, mello, so sweet. He developed diabetes in 2015 and went through a couple of bouts of ketoacidosis, a surgery to remove a GI obstruction and a diagnosis of large cell B-Lymphoma all within a 1.5 year time span. I wish I had known about Canna-Pet sooner! When Khouie could no longer fight his cancer, when he lost his mobility and stopped eating, we found Canna Pet and started putting the concentrated oil in with his food in a dropper and noticed INSTANT relief. He was able to walk to his litter box and even started eating again! Although this was his last picture, he was feeling relatively good. Thank you, Canna Pet for helping this precious member of our family in his time of need. So grateful for this product!!!