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Dear Canna-Pet, A year ago while being stationed overseas our beautiful malamute collapse on a vacation in Italy. Two weeks later she came down with a fever, and with the help of antibiotics the fever started to subside, but only to come back on the last day of medication. Our German veterinarian preformed an ultrasound, and noticed a mass. We were rushed up to an emergency hospital about an hour away that confirmed through a more in depth ultrasound and blood work that she had liver cancer. We were in the process of moving back to the states, and were not prepared for this news. I prayed and prayed she would make it home, as she was extremely sick. We made it back to the states, and her progression was worsening. We found an endocrinologist who preformed another ultrasound and blood. It was confirmed in only three short months the cancer had spread. We opted out of surgery, as she was only given a month or two to live. She was very weak, she wouldn’t eat, she could barely walk. I had made a post on my personal Facebook page, as we were at a loss. We lost her brother three years ago right before heading overseas to cancer. She had traveled with us everywhere in Europe, she was loved by everyone. She lived up to her title as a gentle giant. A friend contacted me, and stated her sister used CBD oil on her boxer when he came down with cancer. I researched all the brands, and canna-pet had amazing success. My husband was not on board, but I had nothing to lose. I started her on it June 7th. Within days she started to lift her head, and eat. Then two weeks later she was taking small walks. Nine months later, she is running like a puppy, eating with no issues. If I could give my best educated guess, she is cancer free. When we moved to Ohio all our neighbors, and maintenance workers saw Kaya at her worst. Now she is known as the miracle pup! It is all because of canna-pet! Monday, March 11, we celebrate her 11th birthday. We never thought this would have been possible. We cherish her everyday with lots of love, we thank god for everyday with her, we thank canna-pet for creating a miracle for our fur baby! Kaya is told every morning and night its time to take your miracle pill, and she knows just what we mean. I cannot thank canna-pet enough for creating this product. I recommend it to everyone, as our friends overseas and stateside have witnessed this miracle.We are forever grateful!