Health Issues:

Juliana is an almost blind 9 month old cat. She had her first generalized seizure when she was 5 and the good new is that she “only” has had 5 crisis within 4 months and three of them where related to her neutered and eye surgeries, so now we know with certainty that stress is a main trigger. However, our vet’s recommendation was starting with phenobarbital pills in order to avoid brain damage. We were searching for a while and we found many articles that talk about Cannabis and epilepsy, and then after we started looking for sellers focused on pets and here we are. We could not find anything closer (we live in the Canary Islands, Spain) so we decided to buy Canna-pet and give it a try. We cannot give you a full opinion since her crisis are not that frequent but we can tell you that she eats the content of the capsule mixed with some food (it was something I was afraid of) and there are no harmful side effects at all. It is true that Juliana had a convulsion a few weeks after starting with Canna-pet but it coincides with a 2 days gap in her pill taking. Not sure if it was the cause but we are much more strict since then. Hopefully, we will be able to write a “full of hope” review in the next few months. For the moment, our recommendation for guardians with similar problems is … TRY!! Cheers