Health Issues:

I have a senior dog named Jasper who has epilepsy and seizures. When he first developed seizures, we were told to put him down because it would “affect his quality of life.” We didn’t listen to them and decided to get him on phenobarbital and hemp solutions. We tried your 30 hemp capsules and liked it, as well as another brand of hemp oil. Together, they relieve my dog so much. He has his days where he doesn’t feel well and we’ll let him rest, and on these days we’ll give him a few droplets of CBD. He feels better an hour later.
If we knew he was suffering, we’d put him down. But he seems to be doing just fine. We take him on walks and car rides to different places (the park, groomers, pet smart, the outlet mall that allows dogs). I give him homemade meals sometimes. My other dogs look up to him so much and love to comfort him whenever he’s feeling down. They love their older brother.
Thank you for your products. They make my dog happy and healthy. We are from Arizona btw!