Harley's Breeds:

My dogs name is Harley, she is just shy of 12 years old an is a large yellow Labrador. She has, like most Labs, unfortunately issues with her hips, she was in pain an uncomfortable and not herself for sometime . I had to act , I felt terrible not being able to help her and the medications available to me seem to cause too much harm with side effects, I am a firm advocate for all medical applications of Hemp in all forms so using a hemp treatment for her was the best option I hoped and I am so happy to say I have my dog back, she is so much better, back to herself an much more mobile, less of a limp and just all around a happier healthy Dog. the max hemp drops paired with some Canna-Pet cookies throughout the day has been great for her. I am so glad that their are products an companies like yours that care about animals the way I do an others do an believe a natural plant like Hemp can seriously improve the quality of life for our animals an ourselves. Thanks so much.