Greyson Jake

Greyson Jake's Breeds:

This is my sweet angel Greyson Jake. He is 13 years old. He was born with level 8 hip dysplasia and it only got worse as he aged. He had a hard time getting up out of his bed each day. The vet gave me Meloxicam and although it seemed to help some it made him very sick to his stomach. He would also shake like he was in terrible pain which was very upsetting to watch and know he was still hurting. My friend told me about Canna Pet as she was using it with her 12 year old Husky. I started using it and it really is like a miracle. Greyson can now get up with no issues and we go on a walk everyday. He never shakes in pain or has upset stomach in fact he eats better than he used to. Thank you Canna Pet for giving my sweet boy quality of life! I recommend it to anyone that will listen.