Gibson's Breeds:

This is Mr. Gibson, aka Gibby Baby or Gibby Monster. He is the love of my life. Gibson has a fine sense of nobility with unending grace. He has endured being run over by a car, battled with a Raccoon, his leg has been broken twice by an abusive teenager. I rescued him from that old life. And these last 6 years he has been the star of our show. He gets 100s kisses a day. He has toys and the best and the coolest gadgets. He went through Puppy Training School at the age of 11. He passed with flying colors! He is a funny little man. He is super perceptive. This I know because we got to communicate through an animal medium. The things he thinks about are so spot on for our lives. He said we have been together in past lives and he was with me before in this life. I knew this the moment I looked into his beautiful brown eyes. Gibson is now creeping up on old age. My darling gentleman is pushing 17yrs. Every day we have together I tell him thank you. Thank you for gracing me with your presence and gifting my soul with your love. Last year we found out Gibson has a large tumor in his chest. It bled into his chest cavity and had to be drained. This happened twice. The ER vet strongly suggested I put him down. I strongly suggested we would not be doing that, that day. Gibson is a fighter, I am a Warrior on a Mission when it comes to my loves. I took him home and researched his options. I came across Canna-Pet hemp Oil. I bought it that very night. It came in a package 3 days later. I swear that package had the song of angels inside it. He has been on it and other supplements ever since. That E.R. Vet gave me 3 – 7 days with him. We are hitting our year mark in a few days. I know it is largely due to Canna Pet. Thank you for your participation for making this wonder plant/oil possible for us. You have improved his life by leaps and bounds. (Literally) He doesn’t really suffer from Arthritis any more. And his Cancer has been shrinking. We are not out of the woods. But at least now we are enjoying each day in the meadow next to the woods.
We owe you, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. His love shapes the very beat of my heart. I am so grateful I get to see and feel his love this day and all the days that have passed. I pray for more and with your help. I know I will get more.