Two years ago, our sweet, active boy starting showing signs of age (he was 8 at the time). He could no longer play fetch for as long, take a long hike, or spend a long afternoon swimming without later ending up limping. The day or two following any sort of activity would be spent laying around, completely unwilling to move unless absolutely necessary due to pain from arthritis. His whole life, he has been the most active dog, and my best adventure buddy. Seeing him slow was heartbreaking. We wanted to avoid prescription pain meds if possible, and so tried out the Max CBD Treats from Canna-Pet. The difference was incredible. It brought our Frankie back. He can now run, swim and fetch like a young pup without limping later. On very active days, we will give him one extra treat to help keep him pain free. These treats have been life changing for our dog, and are giving us more wonderful years with the cheerful, active pup we’ve come to know and love. They have even helped with his allergies, which are off-the-charts severe. When younger, he was on allergy shots, which became overly expensive while not being overly effective. With these CBD treats, his allergies are kept at a very low level, or kept away entirely. I only wish I had known about these sooner!