Health Issues:
Darla's Breeds:

Our beautiful Darla was diagnosed a few weeks ago with a baseball size growth on her abdomen that will be terminal if we don’t have surgery. She is a Dalmatian we found from our local rescue and her age is now somewhere between 12 and 15. We found out at the same time as the diagnosis that she has fused vertebrae in her spine. We opted not to do surgery so our vet gave us something to control bleeding and an antibiotic for a UTI and told us she had maybe 6 months but it could be as little as days.

Darla wouldn’t eat or drink for 2 days when a very good friend who rescues Mastives gave us some Canna-Pet. What a difference! She is eating, drinking and so much calmer than she ever was! Before the diagnosis and Canna-Pet, Darla was afraid of her shadow, wouldn’t walk on our hardwood floors unless she could touch our leg and walk with us, wouldn’t use a dog door, wouldn’t eat in the kitchen and was just always on edge. She was rescued from the streets of Las Vegas in 2010 and has lived with us and her boxer/pit brother Mr. Ed for the last 7 years. I only wish we had found this years ago for her emotional stability. I have since recommended Canna-Pet to my sister whose dog is on Prozac and another friend with a 13 year old dog with hip issues. If Darla only has days left, I’m so glad they will be spent enjoying life again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.