Health Issues:
Cole's Breeds:

Cole was diagnosed with Lymphoma right before Christmas 2016 after undergoing a surgery for a mast cell tumor removal and ruptured disc repair back in August and 2016. Following post operative check ups every 3 months, we brought Cole in after discovering what seemed to be swollen lymph nodes. The Dr. that examined Cole gave him 6-8 weeks to live, only offering the option to undergo Chemotherapy citing a 50-50 chance of survival-an intensely grim outlook. Cole’s Mom and I, not wanting to give up on our Boy, sought out alternatives and found a Holistic Vet, Dr. Pema Choepel Mallu. Dr. Mallu was confounded by Cole’s prognosis citing that she saw so much more life left in him and immediately changed his diet including the specific addition of Canna-Pet’s Advanced Max liquid. Seven months following being given 6-8 weeks to live, Cole is thriving and is still the happy and loving Cole that everyone knows and loves. In addition to being able to celebrate Christmas 2017 with us, which seemed improbable last Christmas. Cole will also be able to participate in his Mom and Dad’s wedding as the ring bearer-celebrating not only our new life together, but his life and what it has meant to us. Thank You, Canna-Pet!