Bruno's Breeds:

This is my gorgeous boy Bruno. He is what we call a “doméstico mexicano” which means home grown Mexican, a unique creation, a street dog like most of our pack. Rescued from the streets as a pup with a horrible case of mange, he grew up in a lovely home with an always growing pack of streeters. Now 11 years old he is proving to be an Aztec warrior, refusing to give up. He is such a champion! He is fighting an aggressive cancer and has endured so much, an emergency splenectomy, kidney failure, an abscess in his thigh and on top of all that arthritis. But he keeps bouncing back and surprising us all. The one problem was his mobility was getting worse, to the point when he didn’t want to move at all. Unable to take other medications due to his kidney failure, we decided to try Canna-pet and are thrilled to report he is now up and about when he pleases. It is such a relief to see he isn’t in pain and to know that he gets to live out his days happy.