Brianna and Rocco

Brianna and Rocco's Breeds:

I’m a Pet Sitter who has had great success giving Canna – Biscuits to a few of my clients dogs and with two of my own rescues. My two dogs have different reason for needing them. Our older dog, Brianna is a Lab/Pit mix & she has always has skin issues. Always itching no mater what food we try her on even prescription food. We finally found Apoquel which is a drug our dr recommend it does work, but there are bad side effects. We didn’t even know that Canna-Biscuits helped skin issues. We got them for our other dog Rocco. We gave Brianna one, because she wanted to know why he was getting a treat different then hers. Her itching seemed to stop almost immediate! Over the next couple of days we didn’t give Brianna any medicine, because she wasn’t itching. We did give her one of the Canna-Biscuits at night along with Rocco. And we are happy to report Brianna is a super happy non-itchy girl now! We bought Canna Biscuits for our newest rescue, Rocco. He is a tiny Maltipoo mix of some kind. Super sweet and very friendly. We noticed he was having horrible nightmares. They were real bad he would start breathing hard, whining & crying and his whole body was jumping. And if we gently touched him to wake him he would attack us. This broke our hearts for him. I knew about Canna-Biscuits from doing voulenter work with rescues. And I had recommended it to other clients dogs due to arthritis & anxiety issues. I thought I’d try it on Rocco, it couldn’t hurt him. I’m happy to say he barely has any more issues with nightmares at all. And when he does it’s about 10% of what it was before he started Canna-Biscuits. We only give him one biscuit about an hour before bedtime & he loves it! We will continue to give both our dogs Canna-Biscuits and I’ll keep recommending them to clients who have dogs with arthritis, joint issues, anxiety & “skin” issues. Thank you for making a product that we know works & that is good for our pets too! “The photos are taking on our first camping trip with Rocco. And yes, that is big Brianna in little Rocco’s bed! Lol 😂 They are like little kids.