Health Issues:
Bello's Breeds:

I started using Canna-pet on one of my French Bulldogs, Bello, when he was diagnosed with lymphoma at age 5. A woman in line at the local pet store overheard my challenges with Bello’s appetite and nausea and suggested I try Canna-pet. I also have another Frenchie, Bucky, that suffers from severe anxiety and decided to give Canna-pet a try. I tried the capsules, the biscuits and the liquid. The liquid form seemed to work the best for this multiple Frenchie, multiple health challenged home. Bello is now 8 yrs old and while his lymphoma has recently returned, the liquid canna-pet is a regular part of his treatment regimen and I am a firm believer that Bello’s remission is due in large part to canna-pet’s ability to keep him free from nausea, increase his appetite and overall well being so that he eats, takes his herbal supplements and keeps his weight on. Bello has almost tripled the regular remission time period for dogs with lymphoma. Thank you Canna-pet