Bella, Itchy & Clyde

Bella, Itchy & Clyde's Breeds:

The Best Thing That Has Happened For My Doggies! I wanted to just say that your products are amazing. I ordered treats for my 3 doggies and man!! What an amazing help! My red dachshund has experienced a seizure and I am convinced that he has not had another one because of your product! My dapple dachshund has anxiety and is a little aggressive. Not too much anymore! I don’t give these to him everyday and even off of them I can tell he is changing a bit. He always feels threatened and seems to be mellowing out. My big coon hound mix puppy is a handful! With your product she calms down and doesn’t jump all over everyone. I feel like it is helping me train her. She chills out! Love this product but it is hard to buy for three!!