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Bella's Breeds:

My Bella is a 6 year old black and white lab who has always been full of life. I noticed some subtle changes in her in June of this year and took her to see her doctor. I was devastated when they diagnosed my Bella with aggressive Lymphoma and gave her 5-6 weeks to live. Searching for answers, I realized that Chemotherapy could extend her life, but it would probably be without quality. Being a hospice nurse, I understand the options available to my beloved Bella. After hearing about Canna-Pet oil from my daughter and searching websites, I found Canna-Pet and initially ordered the oil. When I saw the results and how Bella responded to the Canna-Pet I ordered the treat biscuits. Since we started this journey about 8 weeks ago we have gone camping, swimming, and generally enjoyed all life has to offer. Whatever the outcome, Bella’s life has been so much better with the Canna-Pet products, I can’t imagine how it would have been without them.