Bacardi's Breeds:

Bacardi is almost 14, she’s an old lady. So when she started having problems walking we just thought it was old age. But it progressed rapidly. She has a fatty tumor growing into her right hip. The vet said it would be an extremely difficult surgery and at her age probably best to leave it. It won’t kill her, but it will make mobility difficult. I looked into Canna-Pet last year when we thought she may have cancer. The tumor was benign so I forgot about it. When she started having trouble just getting up after laying down I decided it was time. She also has IBS, so I started with just 1 dose a day at dinner. On day 4 we were having a party, so I gave her a dose in the morning. She was little miss social butterfly at the party, walking around and begging from everyone! She didn’t even seem tired. In less than a week, she showed signs of improvement. It has been a little over 2 months since we started her on the full dose of Canna-Pet and the clock seems to have gone back a few years. She’s her old self. She still cannot jump up on the bed like she used to, but she has started playing every day again and will even run if she wants to get somewhere in a hurry. I cannot believe how quickly this product worked. Bacardi has a new lease on life and is once again loving every moment of it. I think with the help of Canna-Pet she will have a very happy and healthy life. Thank you!