My dog Yukon (American Akita)is 11 years old and has many health issues, seizures, thyroid, allergies, incontincence, 2 tore ACL’s & arthritis & trouble holding his bowls. He has been on Canna-Pet for a couple months, first the capsules & treats (which both my dogs love) and is now taking the liquid, as it is…

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I don’t always use Canna-Pet…oh wait! Yes I do! My beagle, Beautegard, started facing seizures 2 years ago. They were horrible and each one left is feeling more helpless. Although the seizure medication the veterinarian prescribed helped to stop them from happening often, they would still happen about every three weeks. I searched the Internet…

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Irwin had 11 grand mal seizures on Thursday to give you an idea of how severe his seizures are. We received our Canna-Pet package on Saturday and that evening gave him his first dose and treats. He was so relaxed he did not have to be crated inside our home. Normally he is very anxious…

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Vader used to have strong seizures once a week until he stared taking Canna-pet Advance for large dogs, since then all seizures stop!!!!! So far so good, it’s been almost three months. 

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Milo has cluster seizures since he was 3 years old and they happen about every 30 -35 days. We have given him the Canna-Pet Advanced capsules and 2 Canna-Pet Max biscuits a day with his food since the beginning of July and so far he is up to 67 days without a seizure.

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Poco had 2 long lasting episodes the month of August. I had ordered the biscuit bundle, but he needed a larger dose. I was worried he wouldn’t like the oil/capsules because he’s a very picky eater! I’m on disability so it was hard to spend the money all at once to buy the capsules &…

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First started having seizures in January 2016 and diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy in February 2016. Approximately every 14 days from mid-February on he was having cluster seizures resulting in 8 grand Mal seizures in a 4 hour time frame. Both his Neurologist and Vet both said he was on a downward spiral so that’s when…

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Tank’s seizures every month have reduced from 12 to 18 per 24 hours to 8 per 24 hours with at least 4 to 5 hours between seizure episodes. This is Tank’s second month being on this Canna-Pet Max CBD Liquid.

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I am pleased to announce that since I started Harley on Canna-Pet 60 days ago Harley has had one seizure. This is HUGE as he was having several in a months time. The most being 5 in a day every two weeks. I give him 3 biscuits a day. This has helped him and me…

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