My dog Yukon (American Akita)is 11 years old and has many health issues, seizures, thyroid, allergies, incontincence, 2 tore ACL’s & arthritis & trouble holding his bowls. He has been on Canna-Pet for a couple months, first the capsules & treats (which both my dogs love) and is now taking the liquid, as it is…

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Since starting CannaPet Sir Duke has less problem with his allergies, anxiety, and a better appetite.

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Dexter has horrible allergies – whether its fleas, the season, dry skin, he’s always itching at something. Canna-Pet has worked wonders for his uncomfortable skin. I rarely find him scratching and he seems happier than ever. We’ve also used Canna-Pet to help keep him calm and relaxed in the car and while flying! Works like…

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Sophie is no doubt a big dog…who thinks she’s a cat. She used to lay on the head rest of the couch and sleep on top of the pool table; she always manages to find strange places to hang out. She would nap and play in our bed which was pretty high off the ground.…

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My Jayli has not had an easily life. Was picked up as a stray at 10 months after having a litter of pups. I adopted her soon after, her health slowly declined… She was at the vet constantly for her allergies and nothing helped. After a year I took her health into my own hands…

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