Top 10 Hardest Dog Breeds to Train


When you and your family feel the time is right to get a dog, it can be hard to know where to start. With so many breeds to choose from, how do you decide? Do you pick a rescue or get one from a breeder?

And those people getting a dog for the first time may be curious as to which dogs are the harder breeds to train. While there’s always more at play than just breed alone, there are some breeds that are thought of as more difficult to raise and train than others.

So for those first-time dog owners looking to take the easy road and wanting to avoid difficult and stubborn pups, and just as much, if not more, for more ambitious dog owners who feel ready to take on more of a project (tough dogs need love too!), below is a list of the top 10 hardest dog breeds to train!

Before diving in, it is important to understand that no matter how difficult a breed may seem, a dedicated owner can still end up with a great pet. If you know what you’re getting yourself into, the rewards may seem greater than those with the “easy-to-train” dog breeds.

And of course, no matter the breed, it really comes down to the owner. Set reasonable expectations and learn how to properly train your dog and you should end up with a great pet no matter what.

top 10 hardest dog breed to train


The first impression you get with a Rottweiler is their sheer size. Although quite beautiful dogs, they are rather intimidating in appearance. They sometimes have a bad reputation, but are actually among the most loyal dogs to their owners. In fact, they would probably lay down in traffic for their owner.

Unfortunately, therein lies the problem. If not properly trained, Rotties become too protective of their owners and will often lash out at strangers for no apparent reason if they feel their owner is threatened. While often playful, they can be stubborn and growl to disagree when going through training.

Also, they will often listen to no one but their owner. If you’re considering a Rottweiler, get professional help to learn how to properly train them.


American Pit Bull Terrier

The public opinion of Pit Bulls is that of a fighting dog, and unfortunately, they have often been bred for that reason for generations. And while they are among the most aggressively defended breeds in the rescue world, they do tend to be more difficult to train. Although they can be among the most loving, loyal, and friendly dogs, they can be quite temperamental.

They also often don’t know how powerful they are, and it can be difficult to teach them to play gently and learn their own strength. When properly trained, a Pit Bull is nothing more than an athletic teddy bear, but it takes plenty of dedication and patience to get there.

American Pit Bull Terrier

Siberian Husky

Huskies are among the most beautiful dogs out there, but that doesn’t mean they are without their difficulties. They are an extremely active breed, especially as puppies, which requires dedicated training. Siberian Huskies are also working dogs, historically used to pull sleds, which means they need a job to be satisfied.

They will act out if they are bored, which can make them difficult to keep for the average owner. Pairing the husky with another dog can often be helpful, but may also compound the issues.

Siberian Husky


Bullmastiffs are massive dogs that can overpower a full grown human without much effort. Generally, however, they are people pleasers, and quite docile. The issue with Bullmastiffs is that they often don’t get along with other dogs.

Training is difficult for this breed because if they are stubborn, there is little you can do due to their large size. They often have trouble understanding their role as the dog with a human. And the drool? Well, that’s another issue altogether.


Chinese Shar-Pei

By appearance, you’d think there is no way these cuddly looking dogs could be difficult, but they have a hard time socializing and are not thought of as a very friendly breed. Shar-Peis are often highly territorial. Owners will often have to restrain this breed from attacking strangers, visitors, or other animals.

chinese share-pei

Afghan Hound

A very intelligent breed, the Afghan Hound is often compared to a cat personality-wise. This is because they tend to do whatever they want, whenever they want, often ignoring your prompts and commands. This breed may very well seem to take to training, but later on decide he no longer wants to listen. This can be very frustrating for an owner and something to know going into picking this breed.

Afghan Hound

Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are actually known for being difficult to housebreak. This process may take longer than usual, which can be very frustrating for you and your household. And as a hound, a Basset will follow his nose, no matter what you might be commanding him to do. It needs to find the source of the scent no matter what. Positive reinforcement works best with a Basset Hound, but these are difficult behaviors to break regardless of your treatment.

Basset Hound


Beagles are undeniably super cute dogs, but can be quite difficult to train. They are a high energy breed of dog, and that very nature often prevents them from listening and learning your commands. They love to bark as well, which can be annoying for you and your neighbors. They also tend to develop weight issues if not given enough exercise.