Puppy Aggression: How to Cope

No other animal on this planet has the same spunk and exuberance that a puppy does. Their curiosity for discovering new things is what fuels their wild behavior. However, with this high-energy and rambunctious attitude comes a long list of unfavorable behaviors. There comes a point where all new puppy owners question whether their dog’s…

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Lung Cancer in Dogs: Signs, Symptoms, & Treatments

Lungs are a vital organ in both humans as well as dogs, and one of the most important organs in the respiratory system that canines possess. Lungs are designed to move oxygen from the air into the blood stream, and then let carbon dioxide in the blood stream back out into the atmosphere. Because the…

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Muscle Spasms in Dogs

Seeing your dog have muscle spasms can be a scary experience as a pet owner, especially if you don’t know why the spasms are occurring. A dog can have muscle spasms for a number of reasons and they can often mean different things are happening within them, some more a cause for concern than others.…

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Do Dogs Grieve When Another Dog Dies?

While it isn’t totally known if dogs can feel and understand grief, there are several moments that would make you think that they do. One particular moment that stands out is the dog that wouldn’t leave the side of his Navy SEAL owner’s casket while it was draped in the American flag. There have been…

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Canine Distemper Virus: Signs and Symptoms

Dogs have been man’s best friend since prehistoric times. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the United States is home to over 69 million dogs with an average 2.6 annual visits to the vet per each household. Even before they became our best friends, dogs have had to grapple with a wide range of…

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What to Do When Your Dog Has Cancer

Your head is spinning, and your mind has gone blank. Your mouth feels dry, and you somehow can’t muster the words to speak. As a pet parent, nothing can prepare you for the moment you hear your dog, a member of your own family, has cancer. And even though you’ve heard it could happen to…

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Is Your Dog Anxious Around Other Dogs?

Picture this: You’re walking your dog around the neighborhood, enjoying this bit of calm on a beautiful day. Suddenly, you see it: another dog coming your way, ears perked up out of curiosity and excitement. In any normal situation, you’d be pleased to introduce your dog to this potential new friend. But your dog is…

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How Common is Cancer in Dogs?

Despite how much a loving pet owner would want to protect their four-legged friend from suffering of any kind, cancer is increasingly common in dogs. The leading cause of death in dogs over the age of two is cancer, and fifty percent of dogs aged ten and older are likely to develop the disease. But…

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Can Young Dogs Get Cancer?

If you were to step foot into the waiting room of a veterinary oncology specialist—that is, a veterinarian who specializes in cancer in dogs—you wouldn’t expect a room full of puppies. In fact, research finds that dogs with lymphoma average between six and nine years old. Unfortunately, like their human counterparts, young dogs can and…

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What Dog Breeds Are Prone to Cancer?

Choosing a dog to bring into your family is a big decision, and that’s why it should be carefully thought over. One of the first things a person thinks about when getting a new pet is what kind of breed they want. Everyone has different preferences and interests, which is why some breeds may be…

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