Top 10 Heaviest Dog Breeds

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Even though heavy dog breeds have a tendency to weigh just as much as their human counterparts, they can still be a suitable companion for almost any family. Owning a larger dog doesn’t necessary mean you will be devoting more time and energy compared to a small one, it just means you will have a lot more to love!

Aside from the extra food and the additional shedding that comes with a larger dog, owning a giant breed really isn’t all that different from your standard Labrador or Chihuahua. They are known for being calm and endearing by nature, which places them high on the list of America’s most favorite household pets.

Below is a list of the top 10 heaviest dog breeds!

Great Dane

heaviest dog breeds_canna-pet

The most colossal of them all, the Great Dane is a towering breed that can reach up to 200 pounds. Standing at 30-34 inches high, the Great Dane looks more like a small horse rather than a furry companion.

Despite their size, the Great Dane is known for being a gentle giant. They love to be around their owners and will provide you with endless affection. As you might assume, a Great Dane needs plenty of outdoor space and exercise in order to stay happy and healthy.


Both the Bullmastiff and Neapolitan Mastiff are some of the largest dog breeds in the world. Mastiffs are a force to be reckoned with, weighing between 120 to 150 pounds at 27 inches high. Throughout history, these dogs were used as hunters and protectors due to their incredible strength and agility.

The one thing that many Mastiff owners complain about is their excessive drooling; however, their lovable personality and protective demeanor makes them impossible to resist!


Originating from the shores of Newfoundland, Canada, this breed is impressively strong and athletic. Females stand 26 inches tall at 100 to 120 pounds, while males stand 28 inches high and weigh about 130 to 150 pounds. Unlike most heavy dog breeds, the Newfoundland is an incredible swimmer and enjoys any opportunity to get in the water.

Their thick coat is double layered to be water-resistant while still keeping them warm in frigid temperatures. Today, the Newfoundland is among the top 50 most popular breeds in the United States due to their patient and affectionate qualities.

Cane Corso

Originally bred for hunting big game and guarding the household, the Cane Corso is a towering breed with an intimidating presence. Ranking at the lower end of the list, the Cane Corso weighs right around 100 pounds and is about 26 inches tall.

It wasn’t until the late 1900’s that this breed made their way to the United States. Even with their late introduction, the Cane Corso still places within the top 40 most popular dog breeds in America according to the AKC.

Saint Bernard

heavy dog breeds_canna-pet

Throughout history, Saint Bernards were known for their courageous rescue missions in the Swiss Alps where they would save stranded explorers and climbers from avalanches and other dangerous weather conditions. Aside from their valiant work, they were also admired for being a great companion, which is still their most endearing quality today.

Weighing up to 200 pounds at around 27 inches high, Saint Bernards are monstrous in size. However, don’t let their enormous size fool you; when it comes to their owners, they are exceptionally loving and eager to please.

Irish Wolfhound

With a mighty height of 31 inches, the Irish Wolfhound is considered to be the tallest dog breed in the entire world. Back in the day, these sight hounds excelled in both hunting and tracking – able to use their sight instead of their sense of smell to find larger game. Weighing at around 120-170 pounds, the Irish Wolfhound requires large living spaces and daily physical activity in order to stay at optimal weight.

Scottish Deerhound

Known for their remarkable agility and friendly demeanor, the Scottish Deerhound is a courageous breed that originates from the Scottish Highlands. Praised for their strong hunting abilities and faithful companionship, Scottish Deerhounds were a prized possession among merchants and nobility alike. On average, this breed weighs around 100 pounds and stands 30 inches tall.

Dogue De Bordeaux

Categorized within the working group, the Dogue De Bordeaux is a muscular breed that was commonly used in hunting wild boars and other large game. If you are looking for a fearless watchdog to guard your home, then the Dogue De Bordeaux would be the perfect companion for you. Weighing around 130 pounds, this breed is not only intimidating in size, but they can also be protective as well.


Showcasing both courage and strength, the Leonberger has been a trusted steed in Germany for hundreds of years. It’s easy to see why the Leonberger is among the heaviest dog breeds in the world – weighing up to 170 pounds at an average height of 28 inches, these pups completely tower over the majority of other breeds.

Great Pyrenees

Formerly known as the “Royal Dog of France”, the Great Pyrenees was a widely sought-after breed among commoners and noblemen during the 17th century. These fluffy, majestic dogs can weigh anywhere between 80 to 120 pounds.

Despite their large size, heavy dog breeds are some of the most caring and affectionate pets an owner could ever ask for. Not only are they perfect for active families, but they are also patient with children and other household pets as well. With sufficient space and plenty of exercise, these gentle giants can offer an unbreakable companionship just like any other pet.

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