The Future of Hemp CBD for Dogs and Cats

What Actually Matters When it Comes to hemp for Pets

Just looking at milligrams of CBD is NOT going to bring you results.

The efficacy of hemp products is a function of several factors in combination:


Of course Canna-Pet® starts out with more mg of hemp than any other pet product, but what is truly unique is our phytochemical diversity (Entourage Effect) and bioavailability are MUCH HIGHER than any other product.

Canna-Pet® Advanced and Max products, on a mg for mg basis, are hundreds of times more effective than other hemp products at delivering compounds to your pet’s ECS system. This is a combination of higher hemp concentrations in our extracts, our exclusive use of and access to custom whole-plant, full-spectrum CO2 total extracts to enhance the Canna-Pet® Entourage Effect, our proprietary extraction and activation of phytochemicals to provide our unique ratios of compounds and terpenes, and our proprietary bioavailability enhancement that allows for 10-15X the uptake of compounds (including hemp) by your pet.

These benefits are evident when using our products.

Pioneering the Future Development of Hemp Nutrition for Pets

Since we first revealed hemp science for pets to the world, we have spent several years and millions of dollars working with universities, laboratories, and the finest experts among the medical, pharmacological, and veterinary professions, to refine and produce superior hemp CBD products for pets.


Canna-Pet® grows, refines, and processes more industrial hemp into products for pets than any company in the world – for several years now – and that gives us the scale to develop and blend the highest quality hemp oil extracts into CBD for dogs and cats, at the lowest price to consumers (per month or per milligram).

Canna-Pet® Hemp Nutrition guarantee: results or your money back.

Yes, each new generation of our products has improved overall activated hemp concentration and “more milligrams of hemp,” this is true, but each also brings new heights in both efficacy of extraction and ultimate product bioavailability – which are vital to the best results and health for your pet.

Our Canna-Pet® Advanced products represent the forefront of hemp nutrition for pets, and remain years ahead of the competition today – just as our groundbreaking Classic Products were in 2013.


Industrial hemp is legal, and when formulated properly into Canna-Pet® products is both safe and guaranteed to satisfy your pet – but remember the positive results you are hearing about on the news, or reading about in studies are for Canna-Pet® products ONLY and not any other purported “hemp for pets,” “companion treats,” or “hemp Oil for dogs.”

Canna-Pet® customers have made us the best-selling hemp brand for pets in the world for four years running, and we remain the only company to offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Look for the ® Registered Trademark – Canna-Pet® is Unique!

We are the only pet product manufacturer to achieve formal registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for our products.

There is no other product in the world that works like Canna-Pet®.

Canna-Pet® offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can try all of our products with confidence.

For your dog, cat, horse – or any other pet – there is a Canna-Pet® product for you.

Milligrams of hemp is not the same thing as Canna-Pet® Hemp Nutrition.

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Canna-Pet® is the only hemp nutrition company in the world that:

  • offers veterinarian recommend products covered by major pet insurers;
  • guarantees our industrial hemp extracts are safe for your pet;
  • uses exclusively organic, toxin-free hemp;
  • provides precisely formulated ratios of numerous compunds;
  • uses a gentle, proprietary refinement process in our laboratories;
  • delivers a cGMP product with unique abundance and variety of phytochemicals;
  • delivers 10-15X the bioavailability of other hemp products;
  • provides a money back satisfaction guarantee.


We don’t sell CDB oil by the milligram – Canna-Pet® products provide Hemp Nutrition Adapted for Pets.

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