Why Canna-Pet® Hemp is Superior to Medical Cannabis

HPLC analysis of “medical marijuana” or “medical cannabis” available at a dispensary today would reveal a chemical profile which is highly skewed towards the psychoactive THC, and away from other cannabinoids. This is the expected result of thousands of generations of selective breeding, primarily on the basis of increasing THC content. Even in low concentrations, THC can be toxic to pets, and for this reason marijuana-based products are poorly suited for pets and not recommended by the AVMA.

In comparison, an analysis of the the hemp sources used by Canna-Pet® would reveal a completely different phytochemical profile – rich in many cannabinoids and terpenes not found in marijuana, and devoid of THC.

mmj vs hemp profile

Quite simply – Canna-Pet® discovered superior plant sources for phytochemicals and developed advanced technical means to extract and retain the fragile constituents of those plants. CBD, CBC, CGC, and β-caryophyllene to name just a few.

The primary reason Canna-Pet® extracts are superior is because of the unique abundance and variety of cannabinoids and terpenes we provide, tailored specifically to address to the requirements of dogs and cats – all without the possibility of side effects from psychoactivity.

Our products feature uniquely high levels of safe, legal cannabinoids and terpenes. 

Canna-Pet® is unique in that our hemp extracts are not only made from actual industrial hemp, but also contain eight additional cannabinoids and over twenty terpenes beyond “just CBD.” For example ß-Caryophyllene (BCP) is a dietary cannabinoid included in our products, Not only does this deliver an entirely new potential cannabinoid benefits to the endocannabinoid system (ECS), but it also increases the uptake of CBD by the system. The same could potentially be said for each of the dozens of additional cannabinoids and terpenes which Canna-Pet® alone provides.

See our cannabinoid science blog, our phytochemistry page, or research links for more information on individual cannabinoids and terpenes.

Our non-GMO, plant-based ingredients are all sourced from respected suppliers, refined in laboratories in the USA, and produced in cGMP facilities.

Only Canna-Pet® provides Comprehensive Cannabinoid Nutrition for your dog or cat.

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