Dealing with Separation Anxiety in Horses

Horses are naturally herd animals and while an equine friendship can seem super sweet, your horse may become agitated when he is apart from his buddies. This is a classic case of separation anxiety. And while fairly common amongst equines, it can pose serious problems for both owners and riders when it does occur. What…

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How to Train a Dog with Separation Anxiety

Does your dog bark non-stop as soon as you leave the house or pause long enough to pee and poop on the floor and chew up your personal possessions? He may have separation anxiety. Separation anxiety disorder can range from mild to extremely severe (referred to as separation panic.) If your pet’s behavior turns to…

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Puppy Anxiety: Symptoms & Management

Just like humans, puppies can suffer from anxiety disorders. Often, they suffer from separation anxiety, although sometimes they can suffer from social anxiety and noise anxiety. You can discern the difference based on the triggers and your pup’s response to those triggers. Social Anxiety in Puppies Social anxiety is the result of a lack of…

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Common Behavioral Problems in Older Dogs [Infographic]

Just like with humans, the older a dog gets, the more their overall health starts to deteriorate. While age comes with less energy and shakier joints, it also comes with deteriorating sensory and cognitive functioning. Sometimes this decline in mental and physical capabilities can cause older dogs to act out or misbehave. However, being aware…

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My foster border collie has a lot of anxiety which caused her to exhibit some aggressive behavior with my other dogs. The vet put her on an anti-anxiety drug, Clomicalm. We were unaware that it could upset her stomach. It caused her to get really sick. The vet took her off of the medication for…

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anxious cat

Cat Anxiety: A Comprehensive Guide [Infographic]

There’s a reason why cats continue to be one of the most beloved types of pets: they’re intelligent, friendly, and smart. And just like humans, they have their own personalities and quirks. Some of these quirks include fears and anxious behavior, which can manifest themselves in a variety of different ways. It’s important to understand…

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Hazel the Nut

Hazel The Nut is a young dog I took in as a foster and ultimately fell hard in love with and formally adopted. She spent most of her development in near-total isolation. This is has made it difficult for her to fully communicate well with people and her uncertainty creates stress for her that manifests…

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how to calm an anxious dog

9 Tips for Calming an Anxious Dog

Dogs can experience anxiety for a number of reasons. They might get upset when you leave the house or when they’re on a new schedule. They may have been in a fight or gone through some sort of medical trauma recently. Regardless of the cause, anxiety happens to dogs young and old for a variety…

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dog separation anxiety

Separation Anxiety in Dogs & Cats [Infographic]

Leaving your pet at home alone all day is never a good feeling, but knowing they are suffering from separation anxiety while you are away can be extremely troubling. Before beginning to treat this behavioral problem, you should work to fully understand the extent of their anxiety and any other medical issues that may be…

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