What Dog Breeds Shed the Most?

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Dogs are wonderful. Dogs are fun. Dogs give unconditional love to their owners, and desire little more than to be loved, fed and occasionally played with. But they have their drawbacks too. Some dogs are rambunctious. Some are difficult to train. Some don’t like kids, some don’t like other dogs, and some can even fear people.

Every dog is unique. Like people, they have their quirks. Many are terrified of the vacuum cleaner or thunder. Some are apprehensive about everything – even a clicking celling fan. But these traits make them who they are on an individual level, and most dog owners understand this and are unbothered by it.

One common trait among many dogs, though, can give potential owners pause: shedding. Just about every dog sheds. It’s a fact of a dog’s life, and a fact of life for dog owners. Some, however, shed more than others. And some shed to the point where owning a high-tech vacuum is a good idea. If you are severely averse to shedding, a dog might not be for you. But there are some dogs than shed more than others that you may want to avoid.


The Akita is a very large, very impressive, and very furry dog from Japan. Originating from the cold mountainous regions of the country, they have a very thick double coat that sheds 365 days per year. The Akita requires significant grooming, but for those who want one of the world’s most impressive dogs, it’s a small price to pay.

Siberian Husky

Like the Akita, the Husky is a cold-weather dog with a heavy coat. They look more like wolves than dogs, and have been clearly bred to thrive in colder regions. Siberian Huskies shed constantly. If you live in a warm climate, the shedding becomes more pronounced as the dog’s body attempts to cool down.

German Shepherd

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The German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds in the world, and finished as the 3rd most popular dog in the US on the AKC’s 2016 list. Like the Husky, the German Shepherd has a thick double coat. They will generally have two seasonal shedding events, where they lose a significant amount of their coat, but there is plenty of shedding throughout the year.

Carolina Dog

The Carolina Dog – or American Dingo – is a pariah dog native to the United States. Like its cousin, the Australian Dingo, it is closely related to the Gray Wolf. As such, its coat evolved to keep it warm in any type of weather. While they do not have traditional “long” hair, they have a thick double coat that sheds at sometimes unfathomable levels.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dogs in the world. They are sweet, easy to train, loving and gentle. They are intelligent and playful, and make for a wonderful family dog and companion. If you plan on getting a Golden Retriever, though, you’ll want to invest in a quality dog brush as well.

Golden Retrievers have long coats that can be difficult to tame, and that shed an inordinate amount. You may even notice tumbleweeds of fur bouncing across your floor if you don’t keep up with brushing.

dog breeds that shed the most_canna-pet


For a small dog, the Corgi can really pile up hair in your home. Originally bred as cattle-driving dogs in England, they developed a thick coat that could withstand the volatile weather of the United Kingdom. They no longer drive cattle in the rain, but the thick coat remains.

The Corgi is cute enough, and has enough personality, that most owners will overlook their penchant for spreading fur around the home. A good brush and a nice vacuum will make life with a Corgi much easier.


The Newfoundland is a big dog, with a lot of fur. And that fur often falls off, almost in clumps. Bred in Newfoundland, the dog’s coat evolved to withstand the harsh winters of the great north. In warmer climes, that fur falls off by the bushel.

As a bonus, the Newfoundland tends to drool as well. But the dog’s giant body is accompanied by a giant, friendly personality. They are great family dogs, great companions, and hard workers. If you don’t mind a little bit of shedding, you’ll have a great companion in a Newfoundland.

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