Customer Success Story: Yvonne & Zion

From nightly and morning snuggles to playful days spent at the park, pets provide their owners and human friends with an unsurmountable level of happiness and joy. Whether it is something small like rubbing up against our legs after a rough day at work or something as significant as playing guard dog on those dark, stormy nights, pets truly are nature’s gift to humans. As a result, it only makes sense that humans are there for their pets when they are sad, anxious, or sick.

Canna-Pet® has acted as the perfect supplement for pet owners to give their dogs, cats, horses, or other animals in their time of need. Recently, the Canna-Pet® team heard from Yvonne Nachtigal and her 8-year old Cinnamon Chow Chow who wanted to share their Canna-Pet® story.

zion with sister

Tell us a little bit about Zion and what he was like before you found Canna-Pet?

Yvonne: Zion suffers from hip dysplasia, arthritis, and bone spurs. I was able to keep him fairly comfortable for years with joint supplements, but when his sister passed away last December, Zion stopped eating and his symptoms got significantly worse. He no longer wanted to walk or would only walk a short way before wanting to turn around and come home. He limped badly too. Grief and bereavement can be very serious issues for dogs.

What led you to look for a solution to these problems?

Yvonne: After seeing how much Zion was suffering, I was desperate to do something to help him. The medicine prescribed by the vet was only helping minimally and I was searching high and low for something that would do more than simply mask the symptoms. Before Canna-Pet, I had tried a variety of different solutions including administering a grain free diet, Tramadol, Rymadil, Nupro, and an expensive herbal mixture recommended by a holistic vet.

When looking for a solution, I was most concerned with finding something that is actually effective in pain relief. Secondly, I wanted to find something that would actually help the inflammation and address the cause of the problem. I didn’t want to give Zion anything that made him “drugged”. He is very drug sensitive and became very disoriented when the vet gave them Tremadol. I wanted something natural and without side effects.

zion and yvonne

Tell us about your experience using Canna-Pet.

Yvonne: After trying so many alternatives with no visible pain relief, I was desperate to do something to help Zion feel like his regular self again. One of my friends recommended Canna-Pet, which I immediately ordered. Within a day, I noticed that he was moving around the house more and within a few days, he was running around the dog park! I could hardly believe my eyes! If I didn’t know better, I’d think he knows that Canna-Pet helps him as he’s always happy to take his “hidden” tablet in a bit of food. Canna-Pet has changed Zion’s life, enabling him to get around and enjoy walks and park days again. I’m so thankful!

If Zion could talk, what would he say about Canna-Pet?

Yvonne: “This stuff makes me feel better!”

Watch Yvonne’s video about her and Zion’s experience with Canna-Pet® below and learn why she believes Canna-Pet gave Zion a new lease on life.

Zion – Canna Pet Testimonial from Yvonne Nachtigal on Vimeo.

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