Customer Success Story: Sara the Wheaten Scottie

Dogs are active animals. Most spend their days chasing squirrels, playing fetch in the yard, or making friends at the dog park over a game of tag. Therefore, it only makes sense that every once in awhile, your furry friend overdoes it. Sometimes they simply put too much stress on their front and hind legs, causing strains, sprains, or serious injury.

When Sara’s owner noticed that her 8-year-old Wheaten Scottie could not bear any weight on her legs, she rushed her to the vet, only to find out she had a torn CCL (similar to an ACL in humans). Read below to hear Sara’s Canna-Pet story.

Tell us about your experience using Canna-Pet:

When I noticed that my Sara could not bear any weight on her legs, I rushed her to the vet, only to find out she had a torn CCL. After being treated, Sara’s vet wanted to see Sara again a week later after a week of rest and pain medication.

However, Sara’s fur parent never gave her the pain meds. Instead, she started her on Canna-Pet biscuits. After only two days, Sara was no longer limping and her owner did not have to try to confine her. After one week, Sara’s vet was amazed at the results. She didn’t even want to run tests on her because Sara was doing so great!

In fact, Sara’s vet even asked if she could keep the box as her dog also tore her CCL. A year later, Sara shows no signs of pain and plays like a puppy!

What would you tell a friend interested in using Canna-Pet?

I constantly preach the benefits of Canna-Pet! I have about fifteen people who are now using Canna-Pet with their pets for a variety of different health issues.

If Sara could talk, what would she say about Canna-Pet?

I love getting Canna-Pet with my meals!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Canna-Pet is the best thing you can buy for your pets.

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