Celebrating 8 Years As The Pioneer Of Pet CBD

In 2013, Canna-Pet emerged as something new in the world of pet care: something different to support the overall well-being of the animals that we – and our loyal customers – love so deeply. Eight years later, we’ve grown like a Great Dane puppy into something incredible – a global pioneer offering an impressive product catalog of hemp CBD treats, capsules, and liquids for pets. We’ve gone out of our way to make sure that our attention to detail and passion for quality has only become more dedicated as time goes on: we aim to ensure that each and every customer feels valued and enthusiastic about trying our CBD for pets.

Since the inception of the Canna-Pet brand, we’ve been busy! Now that we’ve reached our eighth anniversary, we’re pleased to look back on all we’ve accomplished with the help of our fans. We’ve expanded our website, met countless dedicated and compassionate pet parents just like you, and been inspired to keep innovating with the incredible versatility of hemp CBD products for pets. The result is the Canna-Pet company you see in front of you today: everything you need to unlock the benefits of CBD extracts in your beloved furry companions.

Canna-Pet In 2020

We can all agree – if there’s ever been a year when our pets need extra emotional and health support, it’s 2020! With that in mind, our cannabinoid (CBD) nutrition products come in a wide variety of formats and flavors, making them easy to fit into your lifestyle as a pet parent, no matter how busy it may be. While we (and our ever-growing community of fans) believe that all of our products are phenomenal, chances are your pet will find a fast favorite once they try our brand. In particular, we’ve now added four delicious Canna-Biscuit flavors to our lineup, and so far, they’ve been a huge success. Below, some of our other customer favorites:

Dogs love our easy-to-swallow hemp CBD Canna-Pet advanced capsules, MaxCBD liquid dropper bottles, and of course our wildly popular Canna-biscuits for dogs. These three formats give you, as a caring owner, the freedom and control to introduce CBD supplements into your dog’s existing diet with ease. He’ll just think he’s getting some extra affection or a tasty treat – in fact, our PB&A, Maple Bacon, and Turkey smell so good, you might just get jealous of his snacks! With both individual products and multi-product packages available, we’re proud to offer everything canine enthusiasts need to explore and perfect CBD supplementation with their four-footed friends.

Cats are also cherished members of our team’s families, so naturally we had to include CBD products for cats in our lineup as well. Our  Canna-Pet® Advanced capsules can be easily slid apart and mixed into your cat’s favorite wet food, avoiding the struggle of “pilling” a wriggling feline to support his health.

Horses couldn’t be left out of Canna-Pet innovation either. For our equestrian fans, we’ve added Liquid Max for Horses, an easy-to-dispense weeks’ worth of liquid CBD extract, designed for direct sublingual dispensing. Whether you supplement with regular feed or use it to encourage greater relaxation before a trip in the trailer, our horse owners love this veterinary university-tested hemp CBD for horses

Why Create CBD Products For Pets?

When we first decided to start Canna-Pet, it was a little lonely at the top. No one (except our team, of course!) was really looking into the health benefits of CBD extract products for dogs, cats, and horses; what little research that was being done was focused on humans instead. 

As CBD use expanded in cities around the country, individuals started to embrace the powerful effects of hemp extract, and testimonial after testimonial enthusiastically described the positive life changes it provided. That acceptance shone a bright light on the possibilities of CBD product usage, and in turn, it thrust Canna-Pet into the spotlight, too. Pet owners that already enjoyed the benefits of CBD and noticed an improvement in their quality of life came to realize that CBD extracts could do the same thing for their furry friends. 

Eight years after our first tentative steps as a pet CBD company, we’re proud to welcome these CBD enthusiasts – and their beloved pets – with open arms. We’ve known for years what CBD has to offer the dogs, cats, and horses of the world, and getting a chance to share that with other caring pet parents has been absolutely amazing. While we’re very proud of the products we currently have for sale under the Canna-Pet umbrella, make no mistake: we’re still working every day to bring you even more innovations in CBD supplementation for pets. 

How Do I Use Canna-Pet CBD Products?

Unlike some nutritional supplements for pets, Canna-Pet is affordable, easy to use, and simple to administer to your pet, whether you’re giving it to a dog, cat, or horse. Our company was founded specifically to ensure this accessibility to all pets, regardless of size, breed, or location. Whether you prefer to open our capsules and mix the CBD powder into wet food, give capsules whole, use sublingual liquid drops, or prefer the ease of our CBD-infused dog biscuits for your favorite pup, we’ve got you covered at Canna-Pet.

We understand that in order to enjoy all the benefits of CBD, your pet has to reliably take their supplementation – and even look forward to their daily dose. That’s why we’ve worked hard and incorporated more than three decades of research into everything in our catalog. Our products are easy-to-use, potent, and designed specifically to support your pets’ well-being in conjunction with healthy practices like physical exercise, gentle praise, and soothing companionship. Physical, emotional, and mental well-being: we believe that it’s as important for you as it is for your pet, and that means giving them Canna-Pet products should be as effortless as possible. 

Every order of Canna-Pet CBD products for pets includes detailed administration instructions, ensuring you can quickly and easily figure out an accurate dosage for your pet. Whether it’s your first time trying a CBD product on your pet or you’re already a fan, we know that you’re going to love our innovations from the very first time you try them out. 

Why Choose Canna-Pet For CBD Pet Products?

Like any caring and cautious pet parent, you’re understandably selective about what your dog or cat ingests. You pay attention to the food labels on their kibble, you read wet food cans, you even do your research into appropriate destruction-proof toys. That care and concern can and should continue when weighing which supplements you’ll use to boost his diet – supplements are, after all, an important finishing touch in his nutrition.

Canna-Pet has not only enjoyed eight straight years of research, commitment, and development in its product catalog – we’ve also built it all with you in mind, as a pet owner. DIY supplementation is an important part of an engaged care routine with your pets, and a great way to “check in” with them daily, as well. 

Still deciding if Canna-Pet CBD pet products are right for you? 

  • We invite you to browse our customer testimonials to see the difference our products have made in the lives of our four-footed friends. 
  • Be sure to check out the CBD pet product research performed on Canna-Pet products by the Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine. 
  • Browse our library of unique pet articles on everything from pet care to breed information, as well as the science of CBD pet products and how they can help your pet. 
  • Take a look at our robust product selection, which includes CBD dog capsules, canna-biscuits for dogs, and liquid-form CBD in an easy-to-dispense bottle. 
  • Finally, pet organizations like the American Kennel Club (AKC), Modern Cat Magazine, and Equine Wellness Magazine have all covered the uses and effects of CBD in pets – while trending right now, CBD isn’t just a trend: it’s here to stay! Sources like these feature recommendations encouraging the use of trustworthy, well-labeled, and organic CBD sources for pets – just like the natural, organic sourcing Canna-Pet insists on in our own products. We care about every bottle, bag, and package that leaves our warehouse for your doorstep – because we’re pet owners too, and we know they deserve the very best the world has to offer!

When you select the organic, natural, high-quality CBD pet products available here at Canna-Pet, you’re making a smart choice for your pet’s health. When you shop with us, you’ll always know that your CBD pet product is safe to use, made from organic hemp, and specially formulated for efficacy. 

In closing, we’d like to give a heartfelt thanks to all the fans and shoppers that have helped us to the popularity we enjoy in 2020. Here’s to a great eight years, and to many more enjoying CBD pet product fame!

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