CBD for Dog Seizures: A Quick Guide

Did you know dogs can have seizures? If your pup has experienced recurrent canine seizures, chances are your veterinarian has discussed some of the more common methods of pharmaceutical treatment.

The usual suspects include diazepam, potassium bromide, and other anticonvulsant drugs. The problem is, the side effects of these drugs can be quite serious for our dogs. However, a new method of treatment is catching the eye of veterinarians nationwide – cannabidiol (CBD).

This article will provide some basic information on CBD for dog seizures and discuss how CBD can be an effective treatment for dog seizures.

The Basics of CBD

dog-seizures-a-quick-guide-2CBD is a cannabinoid extracted from the cannabis plant. There is a lot of confusion between tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the major psychoactive ingredient of the cannabis plant, and CBD. It’s important to note these two are quite different. Yes, both are derived from the same plant, but CBD does not contain the same psychoactive components as THC. Not long ago, CBD oil was held in a different light amongst society, but as we’ve learned more about it, we’ve come to realize the many benefits it can offer. Evidence suggests CBD can be an effective method of treatment for canine anxiety, dog cancer, and yes, even different types of dog seizures.

The Basics of Dog Seizures

Before talking about treatment options, it’s important to first discuss what causes seizures in dogs and how it affects them. Abnormal, uncontrolled bursts of electrical activity in a dog’s brain cause seizures that affect how your pup looks and behaves. Seizures may be isolated or recurring (which is typically indicative of a medical issue or disorder, such as canine epilepsy). Seizures can last up to several minutes and can be scary for everyone. There are several causes of seizures including:

Common symptoms include collapsing, stiffening, muscle twitching, drooling, and foaming at the mouth. If your dog experiences a seizure, it’s important to stay calm and gently move him away from anything that may result in injury.

If the seizure lasts more than a couple of minutes, your dog may be at risk of overheating. In this case, you can put cold water on their paws to help cool them down. Once the seizure has passed, you’ll need to bring your pup to the vet. Your vet will likely perform a thorough examination and run some lab work to determine possible causes and best options of treatment moving forward.

CBD Oil for Seizures in Dogs: An Effective Treatment Method

dog-seizures-a-quick-guide-4Medications are commonly prescribed to help control future seizures, especially in circumstances where dogs experience frequent seizures or have a disorder that needs to be managed such as epilepsy. However, CBD oil for dog seizures can be a highly effective method of treatment as well – because it is an anticonvulsant. It’s typically ingested in oil form, either on its own or mixed with food. The reason why CBD is so effective is because it easily interacts with the body’s internal system.

Like humans, dogs have cannabinoid receptors throughout the central nervous system and in the brain. It’s still a bit unclear as to how exactly CBD has become such an effective method of treatment. The general theory states that when CBD connects to these cannabinoid receptors, its natural anticonvulsant properties help restore normalcy to these abnormally firing neurons, thereby calming and relaxing your pup and preventing the onset of a seizure.

And, unlike some traditional medications for dogs, CBD oil has no life-threatening side effects when used in the proper dosage. It doesn’t pose a risk to the kidneys, liver, or GI tract. Of course, as with any medication, there are risks, but overall CBD oil for dogs acts as a highly effective and more natural alternative to pharmaceutical methods.

How do you use CBD for dog seizures?

If you’re unfamiliar with CBD and what to look for, a good place to start is checking for quality. Fortunately, you can find high-quality CBD in the form of oil, capsules, and dog treats. Once you’ve identified an appropriate form of CBD, check to see if it’s organic and how it’s been processed. High-quality CBD oils are made from organically grown hemp and are not processed. CBD oils also vary in bioavailability. You will want to find a product with high bioavailability. Canna-Pet CBD for pets products provide 10-15 times more bioavailability than traditionally digested products.

Now that you know more about the impact CBD oil can have on your dog’s seizures, you may want to consider it as a primary method of treatment – especially for pups with recurring seizures or epilepsy. Given the effectiveness of CBD, it’s no wonder more dog owners are giving it a try.

Use this guide as a reference, and of course, talk to your veterinarian with any questions you may have. Be sure that you fully understand all treatment options and are comfortable with your decision. You need to do what’s best for both you and your dog in order to treat and prevent these seizures.


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