Congratulations!!! Brimley is Americas Next Cat Star! — Donate 5% of Every Sale to his Favorite Rescue

Brimley is a purebred Persian, rescued as a kitten from a neglectful breeder. He had a lot of eye trouble when he was newborn which required surgery – but the breeder never bothered to remove his sutures.

When Brimley first came to Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescuein the fall of 2014, both of his eyes had been left sewn shut for many months, and it was feared that he would never regain his sight.

Canna-Pet®, a long-time sponsor of SPHR, immediately stepped in to cover Brimley’s expenses for veterinary care and rehabilitation.

Brimley healed quickly (and completely) and now enjoys full vision. Today, Brimley loves looking out the window at birds, purring loudly, hiding in the sink, cuddles, belly rubs, and naps! 

Brimley the Celebrity: Has won Animal Planets “America’s Next Cat Star” and thanks everyone for their votes, and for keeping your fingers, paws, pads, hooves and claws crossed for his big chance for celebrity cat-dom!

In honor of the occasion, and because this cool cat believes in giving back, Canna-Pet® will be donating 5% of all website sales to the Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue until May 15th!

Select your purchase and enter the coupon code “brimley” at checkout to ensure your donation is submitted.

Please help Canna-Pet® and SPHR to save the next Brimley!

Enter code “Brimley” at Checkout Now!

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