My dog Yukon (American Akita)is 11 years old and has many health issues, seizures, thyroid, allergies, incontincence, 2 tore ACL’s & arthritis & trouble holding his bowls. He has been on Canna-Pet for a couple months, first the capsules & treats (which both my dogs love) and is now taking the liquid, as it is…

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My dog, Fimm, and her brother making heart bums whenever we babysit! Fimm (on the right) suffers from generalized anxiety. Canna-pet is the first thing that has truly helped her! We get a maple bacon biscuit everyday, and the Max CBD Drops for extra nerve-racking occasions. She starts licking the air as soon as she…

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My beagle Ayla might be 14, but she runs around like a crazy pup now that her joints don’t hurt! And Osita my shih tzu feels a million times better with no more pain from glaucoma. These two love Canna-Pet and I love them!

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Thank you Canna-pet for giving our 13 year old Kuvasz, Lacey a new zest for life! Lacey was having problems keeping up on walks and had a difficult time with stairs. She was even walking with a limp. After a week on the advanced capsules she no longer walks with a limp and has no…

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Butter is undergoing her second round of radiation for an inoperable large cancerous tumor in her head. Canna-pet helps her to make it through. Keeps her comfortable and I believe a secondary benefit is enabling her to have less stiffness in her joints.

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A few years ago Chumley was diagnosed with cancer. He was operated on twice, it was horrible and the doctors said it would come back for sure, he would eventually have to have skin grafts and it would be brutal. I decided on a different route. After searching alternative healing methods, I found canna-pet. The…

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I don’t always use Canna-Pet…oh wait! Yes I do! My beagle, Beautegard, started facing seizures 2 years ago. They were horrible and each one left is feeling more helpless. Although the seizure medication the veterinarian prescribed helped to stop them from happening often, they would still happen about every three weeks. I searched the Internet…

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Koda is 11 1/2 years old. He had a spiral fracture from hip to ankle as a puppy and has a steel plate holding everything together. The last few months have been very painful for him. The Canna-Pet capsule and biscuits have life saving. He got on the sofa for the first time in a…

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Irwin had 11 grand mal seizures on Thursday to give you an idea of how severe his seizures are. We received our Canna-Pet package on Saturday and that evening gave him his first dose and treats. He was so relaxed he did not have to be crated inside our home. Normally he is very anxious…

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My 10 yo dobie girl was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and was given about 1 month to live. We had her on pain meds, but she continued to limp. Desperate to keep her comfortable, we decided to try canna-pet…..within 3 days, we noticed a big difference!! We were able to take her off almost all of…

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