Bruce has always been a high strung pug, especially with fireworks and loud storms, so on the recommendation of a colleague, I tried Canna Pet and it worked wonders. Later on, Bruce herniated a disc and would have a type of spasm in his rear end as well as inflammation in his spinal canal where…

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Milo has cluster seizures since he was 3 years old and they happen about every 30 -35 days. We have given him the Canna-Pet Advanced capsules and 2 Canna-Pet Max biscuits a day with his food since the beginning of July and so far he is up to 67 days without a seizure.

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Since starting CannaPet Sir Duke has less problem with his allergies, anxiety, and a better appetite.

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Dexter has horrible allergies – whether its fleas, the season, dry skin, he’s always itching at something. Canna-Pet has worked wonders for his uncomfortable skin. I rarely find him scratching and he seems happier than ever. We’ve also used Canna-Pet to help keep him calm and relaxed in the car and while flying! Works like…

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I removed Max from Tramadol and Rimadyl for moderate soft tissue and osteoarthritic changes including trauma to the cranial cruciate ligament and medially luxating patella approximately 3 weeks after his initial injury. I was very concerned about the long-term side effects of the prescription medications and searched for a more natural solution. I came across…

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Poco had 2 long lasting episodes the month of August. I had ordered the biscuit bundle, but he needed a larger dose. I was worried he wouldn’t like the oil/capsules because he’s a very picky eater! I’m on disability so it was hard to spend the money all at once to buy the capsules &…

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Olaf ‘s vet guesstimated him to be around 19. , when he was found collapsed in someone’s backyard in the dead of winter, as I do hospice, I agreed to take him, if he survived the hypothermia…he is an awesome little guy, and is very happy, I didn’t expect him ( neither did his vet)…

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Our dog DJ was hit by a trash truck at a young age, he’s actually my husbands dog. But since we started giving him cbd dog treats, from the first day he hopped up from his bed with real excitement. His personality is back, even him humping himself has returned, we haven’t seen that in…

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My 10 year old retired service dog was just diagnosed with IVDD and was in considerable pain. He was prescribed a myriad of medications, one of which was detrimental to his liver and kidney function if given long term. Upon a recommendation I tried Canna-pet and was amazed at the results! I wouldn’t say he…

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Hazel the Nut

Hazel The Nut is a young dog I took in as a foster and ultimately fell hard in love with and formally adopted. She spent most of her development in near-total isolation. This is has made it difficult for her to fully communicate well with people and her uncertainty creates stress for her that manifests…

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