Canna-Pet® is NOT a pharmaceutical. It is an organic, plant-based CBD product that you can feed your pet with confidence. All of our products provide nutritional cannabinoids (CBDs) and terpenes. All of our products are safe for any size pet, and are included in our money-back satisfaction guarantee.


Canna-Pet capsules, liquid, and biscuits

Which Canna-Pet® Products to Start With?

Which product to choose?
  • Dogs under 20 lbs
  • Advanced Small - Mix 1 capsule with food 2x daily
  • or
  • MaxCBD - Split 1 capsule between 2 meals
  • or
  • MaxCBD Liquid - 2-3 drops, 3-4x daily, directly in mouth
  • Dogs over 20 lbs
  • Advanced Large - Mix 1 capsule with food 2x daily
  • or
  • MaxCBD - Mix 1 capsule with food 2x daily
  • or
  • MaxCBD Liquid - 3-4 drops, 3-4x daily, directly in mouth
  • Cats
  • Advanced Small - 1 capsule daily mixed into a meal
  • Biscuits suitable for any size dog, anytime

Some forms of administration, some combinations of products, bring more rapid metabolism of the hemp compounds and terpenes in Canna-Pet®. This is a largely due to the first-pass metabolism in all mammals.

Canna-Pet® strives to provide Activated Cannabinoid Nutrition throughout your pet’s entire body. 

Canna-Pet® Advanced Capsules

Our most popular products, used by pets worldwide since 2013, are our capsule products.  Sprinkling the contents of the capsule into your pets normal food or onto a treat is an excellent means of providing Canna-Pet®. This allows the product to dissolve in your pet’s mouth as they eat. Canna-Pet® powders, when used in food or treats, are designed to be absorbed in the mouth AND in the digestive tract.

Hemp Supplements for Dogs - Canna-Pet Advanced Small 30 Hemp Pills for Dogs - Canna-Pet Advanced Large 60

Canna-Pet feeding instructions

You get the highest concentration of Canna-Pet® Advanced in our capsules- especially our Max capsules.

If you are new to Canna-Pet® we recommend you use our Advanced capsules for 30 days, which requires 30-60 capsules (depending on the size and species), which will give you a full appreciation for the benefits of Canna-Pet®.

We have enjoyed consistent, positive results from pets using our capsules for many years.

Advanced capsule products are available for both dogs and cats.

If your are dealing with a crisis, you should start with our Advanced MaxCBD capsules or liquid for the first 5-15 days, 

Canna-Pet® Advanced MaxCBD Capsules & Liquids

Advanced MaxCBD is our most concentrated product line and it comes in our largest capacity capsule.
Max products have:

  • much higher levels of CBD
  • much higher levels of eight other cannabinoids
  • much higher levels of two dozen terpenes 
  • improved absorption and bioavailability

This is our #1 product line for pets in crisis.

Max products may be served to dogs or cats of any size.

Advanced Max 30 w/ Liquid

Liquid Max Products

Liquid products are our newest form of cannabinoid (CBD) nutrition, and have been added to our Max line in 2015. Liquid products are absorbed in your pet’s mouth for rapid results. 

How do liquid products compare to our existing Canna-Pet® products:

  • Liquid products have more rapid effect.  They are also metabolized rapidly, and should be fed 3-4X daily.
  • If your pet is not eating reliably, and you are not comfortable feeding capsules, liquid is an easy option.

Our liquid Max is very popular as an adjunct to capsules for those who need the highest CBD levels for their pet.

canna-pet hem cbd oil for dogs and cats


Our organic CBD dog treat biscuits are a secondary means of activated cannabinoid nutrition, and were introduced in 2014.  They can be given more frequently and as a treat.  The Canna-Pet® in biscuits is processed differently because it is primarily digested in the stomach.  The biscuits take longer to metabolize the CBDs, and thus lower levels of activated cannabinoids and terpenes are available to your pet for a longer duration.

Compared to capsules – biscuits are lower cost, lower concentration, and higher servings are required. 

Biscuits are a very popular organic treat before traveling, going to the groomer, or when guests come over.

Many dogs thrive with a few biscuits during thunderstorms, fireworks or excessive noise.

dog enjoying cbd dog treats

In Conclusion:

  1. To start, we recommend Advanced capsules as the primary daily product, and biscuits as a treat.
  2. We recommend you try all of our product options over time to find the best combination for your pet – and we have some popular combo-packages on sale to facilitate.
  3. MaxCBD Liquids are our newest products, and are very easy to feed to pets, even when they are not eating reliably.
  4. MaxCBD products are great for pets with serious needs – yet still safe for even the smallest to use.
  5. Consider starting with MaxCBD products for a week or two and then transition to our Advanced products.

All Canna-Pet® products are covered by our money-back satisfaction guarantee.