Cannabinoids such as CBD are reported as a “recent discovery” by the American medical community because of a 75 year federal moratorium on research and testing involving the cannabis plant, due to its classification as a controlled substance.

While legal and safety issues still remain for those who use traditional “marijuana” forms of cannabis, neither apply to products made from industrial hemp, which has been permitted in the USA since 2004, and is also legal (and grown) in 95% of the world.

That is why Canna-Pet™ has helped more animals with cannabinoids than any other company in the world – because we were the first to figure out that industrial hemp could be a superior therapeutic cannabis – and for years we have been working with the only legally permissible variant of the cannabis plant, allowing for national distribution and testing of our products.

We produce one of the very few legal pet products with cannabidiol, and our products are guaranteed safe for your pet.

Canna-Pet™ products are consistent and effective because we have custom built, specialized facilities using proprietary methods to produce our ‘golden ratio‘ of active phytocannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids.

With vast amounts of data to draw upon through global research initiatives, we continue to refine and improve Canna-Pet™ products daily.

Beginning long before we founded Canna-Pet™, we are today able to proudly claim to have helped over one million pets in all 50 states and 34 countries around the world.

All of our products are cannabidiol-rich from industrial hemp with zero psychoactivity for your pet, and zero legal concerns for you.

In the end, it is about results, and that is why over 95% of those who try our products permanently incorporate Canna-Pet™ into their pet’s therapy, because Canna-Pet™ heals without the high.**


Benefits of Canna-Pet™

The National Cancer Institute

Animal studies find cannabinoids have antitumor effects, anti-inflammatory effects, stimulate and regulate appetite, and modulate pain, without psychoactive effect.

DVMs Observe

Doctors of Veterinary Medicine note improved vitality and overall health. This includes reduction in aggression, anxiety and behavior problems. Also note reduction of arthritic pain and digestive issues (IBD, diarrhea and constipation), reduction in nausea and improved appetite, improved quality of life, outstanding for palliative care.

Behavior Issues?

Helps with aggression disorders, noise phobias, anxiety, self-trauma, cognitive disorders and dementia (canine), marking and spraying (feline), sleep disorders, OCD, excessive vocalization and inappropriate urination. Great for easing travel, re-homing, grooming, reducing stress during thunderstorms and fireworks, and separation anxiety.

Medical Research

Therapeutic indications such as psychosis, epilepsy, anxiety, sleep disturbances, neurodegeneration, cerebral and myocardial ischemia, inflammation, pain and immune responses, emesis, food intake, type-1 diabetes, liver disease, osteogenesis, and cancer.

Supplemental Therapy

When used in conjunction with traditional therapies, cannabinoids often allow for much lower dosing of drugs that have potentially negative side effects. Canna-Pet augments other medications and allows for a more balanced, multimodal approach to caring for you pet.

We Recommend

Canna-Pet as a daily food additive for all pets, but especially for those with arthritis, allergies, anxiety or behavior issues, compromised immune systems, diabetes, digestive issues, nausea, chronic pain, cancer, seizures, and those receiving palliative care.

**Pet owners should consult their veterinarian before using the product to ensure against complications with existing medications.