Canna-Pet was among the first companies to discover that some animals thrive on hemp-based supplements containing non-psychoactive, hemp cannabinoids, including CBD. For years we have been working with the only legally permissible variant of the cannabis plant, industrial hemp, allowing for national distribution of our products.

Products made from hemp have been available in the United State for many years. While it is not lawful to grow hemp in the United States, it is lawful to import hemp and make products from it.

We produce one of the very few hemp-based pet products containing cannabidiol.

Canna-Pet® products are high quality because we have custom built, specialized facilities using proven methods to ensure consistent formulations of phytocannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids.

With vast amounts of data to draw upon through surveys and research initiatives, we continue to refine and improve Canna-Pet® products daily.

Beginning long before we founded Canna-Pet, we are today able to proudly claim to have served thousands of pets in all 50 states.

All of our products contain cannabidiol from industrial hemp with zero psychoactivity for your pet.

In the end, it is about results, and that is why over 95% of those who try our products permanently incorporate Canna-Pet® into their pet’s diet.

Pet owners should consult their veterinarian before using the product to ensure against complications with existing medications.