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What Is Your Dog’s Behavior Telling You? [QUIZ]

Dogs communicate through their actions and behaviors. Acting out or behaving differently is their way of relaying messages to their owner about how they are feeling. Sometimes the signs are not obvious and can be difficult to spot. However, recognizing changes in your pup’s behavior is important, as he may be trying to convey hidden…

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Koda is 11 1/2 years old. He had a spiral fracture from hip to ankle as a puppy and has a steel plate holding everything together. The last few months have been very painful for him. The Canna-Pet capsule and biscuits have life saving. He got on the sofa for the first time in a…

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My 10 yo dobie girl was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and was given about 1 month to live. We had her on pain meds, but she continued to limp. Desperate to keep her comfortable, we decided to try canna-pet…..within 3 days, we noticed a big difference!! We were able to take her off almost all of…

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Buddy Lee

Have had him on CBD for 4 months now and what an improvement. He goes up/down stairs with no issue. He has loud raspy breath but is on steroids for that.

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Arlo developed what was believed to be vaccine associated sarcoma after a routine rabies injection. The tumor was removed during the initial biopsy and then we followed that up with a six week course of radiation, on the vets recommendation. We were told that with that treatment strategy we had an 80-85% chance of remission,…

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I enjoy the company of 2 miniature pinchers. Both are 13 years old. Sassy is an very old soul & her body has aged like a nice little old lady. A friend with a 17 year old miniature recommended that I try canna pet. She said it definitely helped her old guy. We’ve almost finished our…

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My little dude tinker, 10 lbs and soon to be 13 yes old was diagnosed about the 7 cm sarcoma in his lungs. He coughed constantly due to the pressure on his airway and was totally miserable. There were some days I thought I was going to have to take him in and put him…

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This handsome guy is Dakota. On July 31st we rushed him to the animal hospital for golf ball size lymph nodes. After some tests, we were told that he has lymphoma. He was given a few weeks to a month to live. I nearly hit the floor when we got the news. I felt like…

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Life is full of surprises and every now and then they’re good! Crüe began taking Canna-Pet Advanced for large dogs several months ago. Bow-wow-WOW, it’s been a game changer. I’m generally not a believer in this sort of thing. In fact when it comes healthcare I’m conservative, cautious and risk adverse. After a fair amount…

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Our Gizmo has cut her “traditional” pain meds in half and eats more, and eats more consistently. Love it!!

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