Dunny was so lame we thought we might have to put him down. Conventional treatments from our vet are no longer viable options due to side effects of long term medication. Canna-Pet has him once again able to graze with his buddy Butch. Thank you Canna-Pet!

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dog pancreatitis

Pancreatitis in Dogs

Pancreatitis is defined as an “inflammation of the pancreas.” When this condition occurs in dogs, it may develop suddenly, since many of the warning signs are not entirely obvious in the beginning stages. Due to its serious nature, it’s important to take heed of symptoms your pup is experiencing and take your pet to the…

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faceshot of handsome white down with face nestled between paws appearing worried and sad

Common Causes of Dog Pain

When you notice that your dog is in pain, it can send you into a panic. It’s tough to know exactly how and where they’re hurting. Unlike humans, our canine friends don’t have the ability to tell us about their pain. As a pet parent, it’s on you to recognize when your dog might be…

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