Arlo developed what was believed to be vaccine associated sarcoma after a routine rabies injection. The tumor was removed during the initial biopsy and then we followed that up with a six week course of radiation, on the vets recommendation. We were told that with that treatment strategy we had an 80-85% chance of remission,…

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Bruce has always been a high strung pug, especially with fireworks and loud storms, so on the recommendation of a colleague, I tried Canna Pet and it worked wonders. Later on, Bruce herniated a disc and would have a type of spasm in his rear end as well as inflammation in his spinal canal where…

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Olaf ‘s vet guesstimated him to be around 19. , when he was found collapsed in someone’s backyard in the dead of winter, as I do hospice, I agreed to take him, if he survived the hypothermia…he is an awesome little guy, and is very happy, I didn’t expect him ( neither did his vet)…

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The vet put Zion on Tramadol for pain, but I only ended up giving him 2 tablets as they caused him to be confused and generally just unhappy. Chows can be medication sensitive I’ve learned, and that was clearly the case here. Then a friend recommended Canna-pet. Also a chow owner, she raved about how…

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Buzz Lightyear

Buzz has issues with his right front lower leg which vet says might be shin splints. Always the hunter, Buzz likes to chase rabbits across the Alaskan countryside but as he gets older the rabbits seem to get faster and he pays for it by coming back home limping. He messages leg with his mouth…

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dog pancreatitis

Pancreatitis in Dogs

Pancreatitis is defined as an “inflammation of the pancreas.” When this condition occurs in dogs, it may develop suddenly, since many of the warning signs are not entirely obvious in the beginning stages. Due to its serious nature, it’s important to take heed of symptoms your pup is experiencing and take your pet to the…

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