I enjoy the company of 2 miniature pinchers. Both are 13 years old. Sassy is an very old soul & her body has aged like a nice little old lady. A friend with a 17 year old miniature recommended that I try canna pet. She said it definitely helped her old guy. We’ve almost finished our…

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My Jayli has not had an easily life. Was picked up as a stray at 10 months after having a litter of pups. I adopted her soon after, her health slowly declined… She was at the vet constantly for her allergies and nothing helped. After a year I took her health into my own hands…

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Canna-Pet CBD capsules helped our Ashley thru chemo and helps to calm her and keep her comfortable as she also has hip dysplasia as well as canine COPD. We swear by these and continue to give her the capsules on a daily basis. Ashley has been in remission from Lymphoma since August 2015. Canna-pet CBD…

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