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7 Common Health Problems in Senior Cats

While cats tend to age more gracefully than dogs, they often experience numerous health problems in their later years. It is important to look out for signs of discomfort in your senior cat in order to make their older years more comfortable and enjoyable. By paying attention to the common health problems discussed below, you…

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My dog Yukon (American Akita)is 11 years old and has many health issues, seizures, thyroid, allergies, incontincence, 2 tore ACL’s & arthritis & trouble holding his bowls. He has been on Canna-Pet for a couple months, first the capsules & treats (which both my dogs love) and is now taking the liquid, as it is…

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I enjoy the company of 2 miniature pinchers. Both are 13 years old. Sassy is an very old soul & her body has aged like a nice little old lady. A friend with a 17 year old miniature recommended that I try canna pet. She said it definitely helped her old guy. We’ve almost finished our…

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Life is full of surprises and every now and then they’re good! Crüe began taking Canna-Pet Advanced for large dogs several months ago. Bow-wow-WOW, it’s been a game changer. I’m generally not a believer in this sort of thing. In fact when it comes healthcare I’m conservative, cautious and risk adverse. After a fair amount…

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The photograph of Tinkerbelle was taken in her glamorous days. She is 18 years old now. She had slowed down quite a bit, and when my daughter moved back in with her cat, she began hiding in the closet and not coming down to cuddle with us. The Vet diagnosed her with renal disease and…

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I removed Max from Tramadol and Rimadyl for moderate soft tissue and osteoarthritic changes including trauma to the cranial cruciate ligament and medially luxating patella approximately 3 weeks after his initial injury. I was very concerned about the long-term side effects of the prescription medications and searched for a more natural solution. I came across…

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Olaf ‘s vet guesstimated him to be around 19. , when he was found collapsed in someone’s backyard in the dead of winter, as I do hospice, I agreed to take him, if he survived the hypothermia…he is an awesome little guy, and is very happy, I didn’t expect him ( neither did his vet)…

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My 10 year old retired service dog was just diagnosed with IVDD and was in considerable pain. He was prescribed a myriad of medications, one of which was detrimental to his liver and kidney function if given long term. Upon a recommendation I tried Canna-pet and was amazed at the results! I wouldn’t say he…

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The vet put Zion on Tramadol for pain, but I only ended up giving him 2 tablets as they caused him to be confused and generally just unhappy. Chows can be medication sensitive I’ve learned, and that was clearly the case here. Then a friend recommended Canna-pet. Also a chow owner, she raved about how…

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Georgia was born with a Chiari Malformation and subsequently diagnosed with Syringomyelia in 2011. In addition to this painful neurological disease, she was also born with luxating patellas and chronic dry eye. I was told not to expect my dog to live past age 3 because syringomyelia is progressive and a point would come when…

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