Top 5 Most Energetic Dog Breeds

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Finding a dog that fits your lifestyle is not always easy. From shedding to exercise requirements and training, the number of factors to consider is endless. An important factor to consider when getting a dog is their energy levels. If you lead an active lifestyle and are looking for a furry companion to share it with, then you should consider getting one of the five most energetic dog breeds listed below!

Australian Cattle Dog

This high energy breed will surely match your active lifestyle. Known for herding cattle over long distances, an Australian Cattle Dog may actually test your current aerobic abilities. This breed ranks high on the agility scale and will need a lot of interaction from its owner.

If not given a job to do, this breed may get into trouble, so it’s important to keep them active and mentally stimulated at all times. Athleticism, intelligence, and endurance are the prominent personality traits for the Australian Cattle Dog. If you are looking for a breed to engage with you in work outside, this is the dog for you!

Boston Terrier

boston terrier energetic dog breed_canna-pet

Boston Terriers are known for their high energy levels and overall happy demeanors. If you are looking for a companion that is well-behaved and also has a little pep in their step, then you may have met your match.

Living in an apartment would be a fine home for this small sized breed, as long as you are able to engage them in the appropriate exercise they need. You will have little to no difficulty getting this dog to participate in whatever fun-filled adventures you wish to go on.

Australian Shepherd

Medium-sized and a rancher at heart, this breed has a considerable amount of energy and drive. Australian Shepherds are known for their high intelligence and pleasant demeanor.  These dogs are natural born Frisbee-catchers. You will not have to beg this breed to come with you to play outside at the park.

Happiest when they have an activity to do, Australian Shepherds love participating in agility training or other dog sports. Although they are very high energy, Aussies are also extremely obedient.

Border Collie

This livestock herding breed is known for not only its extreme intelligence but also its energetic and demanding lifestyle. With the capability to run many miles a day herding cattle, Border Collies thrive in households that can provide them with plenty of play and exercise.

Put this dog’s intelligence to good use; this is a highly trainable breed that can thrive in all kinds of canine sports. Without proper stimulation you may find this breed using its extra energy in destructive ways which won’t bode well for your favorite pair of shoes.

Jack Russell Terrier

jack russell terrier energetic dog breed_canna-pet

Known for its history in fox hunting, this breed is high energy like most others that are working breeds. This is not a dog for a first time owner. You must be ready for obedience training when considering a Jack Russell Terrier.

A large fenced in play area is recommended so they can burn off their immense energy; living in an apartment would not be a good environment for a Jack Russell. Like similar breeds, if not properly stimulated, they may have destructive tendencies. You may find yourself buying a new couch or replacing furniture if you leave these dogs alone for too long!

Finding the perfect dog for you can be challenging, especially when trying to match your energy levels with that of your furry companion. Try to be mindful of the needs of your future companion and make the choice that is right for the both of you.

You wouldn’t want to find yourself in a situation where you are unable to keep up with the pup you choose. In the hopes this has narrowed your search and broadened your mind, remember, finding the right dog is just as much about their needs as it is about yours.


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