Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) vs Canna-Pet®

Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is not a product, it is a process – one that highly concentrates whatever cannabis is used as a raw material. Unfortunately you are not told what cannabis is used, and it is rarely tested for cannabinoid content (or mold, or toxins, or chemicals) before or after it is concentrated.

There are no commonly available forms of cannabis that have low enough THC and high enough CBD to benefit your pets without serious risk of side effects or toxicity, even more so when concentrated.

RSO is made using solvents and other chemicals (like butane) that are ultimately harmful for animals to ingest, and the cannabis used is almost always grown with fertilizers and chemicals that are not ideal for small animals to consume.

The extraction process is destructive to the terpenes in the plant, and eliminates them from the end product.

The end result of a Rick Simpson Oil is a highly concentrated THC product, which would invariably cause side effects in pets. It will also NOT have the other phytochemicals and terpenes we provide.


The Canna-Pet® Advantage

mmj vs hemp profile

Canna-Pet products are concentrates made from industrial hemp.  Our hemp is grown organically and without fertilizers. Our processing and manufacturing is done in US laboratories by technicians.

We perform HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) analysis of our hemp so we know it starts with very high levels of hemp, CBC, CBG and terpenes, and no toxins or heavy metals.

Subcritical & Supercritical Co2 extraction (laboratory processes that uses carbon dioxide and pressure) are used to make our extracted whole plant oils, which means there are no chemicals or solvents touching our concentrates. They are produced at extremely low temperatures, to preserve the volatile phytochemicals in the plant material.

All of our products are legal for you to buy over-the-counter and use with your pet.

Not all cannabis is created equal!

hemp leaf image crop

Canna-Pet® provides hemp-based  Cannabinoid Nutrition Adapted for Pets.

Canna-Pet® is unique in that our CBD extracts are not only made from actual hemp, but also contain eight additional cannabinoids and over twenty terpenes beyond “just CBD.” For example ß-Caryophyllene (BCP) is a dietary cannabinoid included in our products, Not only does this deliver an entirely new potential cannabinoid benefits to the endocannabinoid system (ECS), but it also increases the uptake of hemp by the system. The same could potentially be said for each of the dozens of additional cannabinoids and terpenes which Canna-Pet® alone provides.

See our cannabinoid science blog, our phytochemistry page, or research links for more information on individual cannabinoids and terpenes.

Learn more about Canna-Pet® products.

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