What Are the Most Obedient Dog Breeds?

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Coming home to find your garbage can rummaged through with trash strewn all over the floor is something no dog owner wants to see. Everyone wants a “good” dog. But having a “good” dog takes a lot of training, patience, and time. If you spend the time to train your dog to have good behavior, he will be good. If you don’t, he will do whatever he wants – and sometimes what he wants is to destroy your house.

It’s not out of malice, of course. Dogs just want to have fun and expend their pent-up energy. The only way to avoid it is to successfully train your dog. Dogs learn pretty easily, especially when they are puppies. But you can train older dogs too. Some breeds are more easily trainable, and more “obedient” than others. While these breeds are not guaranteed to be “good,” they do have certain personality traits that can make training and behavior a little easier to manage.

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Border Collies

Border Collies were bred as work dogs – and work they do. In fact, they love working and learning new jobs so much that they rarely rest to enjoy the more casual parts of dog life, like lying on a dog bed or enjoying treats. This affinity for work is due largely to their intelligence. Border Collies can learn almost any job or trick you can teach them.

They love agility training, Frisbee, ball catching and herding among other things. But take caution, if you plan on getting a Border Collie, be prepared to match his intensity. Border Collies have seemingly endless energy and tend to grow bored very quickly if they are not constantly challenged. If you can’t keep up, they will find their own “jobs” like rearranging your laundry basket. All in all, Border Collies are very obedient dogs, but you must be ready to test that obedience non-stop. This breed is not good for busy people or those with inactive lifestyles.

border collies

Border Terriers

Though most Terrier breeds are very independent, the Border Terrier is a quick and eager learner. Originally bred to assist in fox hunts, this good-natured dog is great with kids and other dogs alike. Terriers are avid diggers, they love to borough and hunt for rodents and other small animals. They also love to dig holes and put their bone or toy in them to enjoy later. They are highly intelligent and very easy to train. This breed does not like to be alone and may act out if they are bored.

Like the Border Collie, the Border Terrier requires an attentive owner willing to put in the time and effort to train them, and keep them engaged mentally and physically on a daily basis. Border Terriers don’t require a ton of room to run and they will adapt well to apartment living. But they do require attention. If you’re looking for a more laid back dog, the Border Terrier may not be the breed for you. They will wake up excited to see you every day and will be prepared to go outside and do something fun. Be ready to meet this breed’s demands.

border terriers

Labrador Retrievers

The Labrador Retriever is one of America’s most popular dog breeds and with good reason. They are gregarious, loving and sometimes downright goofy dogs who love to play with their owners. Whether Black, Chocolate, or Yellow, Labs are keen on pleasing their owners, which makes them one of the easiest dog breeds to train. Labs can learn to do just about anything, from being a show dog, hunting dog, service dog and guide dog, to just being a lounge-around-the-house companion.

Labs are obedient, but their attention span can drift, and they will often find themselves in less than desirable situations. Every dog is different, of course. Young Labs, generally under two-years of age, tend to be very energetic and very curious. Together, these traits can lead to some “bad dog” behaviors. Like with every other breed, Labs require good training early in their lives.

If you take the time to train a Lab properly, you will have a wonderful, sweet companion for life. Labs also tend to slow down as they age, so if you’re looking for a buddy to share the couch with and watch football, a Lab may be the right dog for you.

labrador retriever

Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherds, in fact, did not come from Australia. They were originally bred as ranch hands in California, by Australians who had immigrated to the United States. Aussies have retained that hardworking nature they were bred to have, and are similar to Border Collies in their desire to work and learn. They are incredibly energetic and athletic. Many Aussie owners use a Frisbee to play fetch with their dogs. Watching the Aussie twist and turn through the air when tracking down a Frisbee is a sight to behold. They rarely miss, and they never drop it.

Aussies are sweet and obedient but require a ton of attention and entertainment. If you don’t provide it, they will find other ways to entertain themselves and those ways may be destructive to your house. If you are planning on getting an Aussie, train him to do things you will enjoy doing with him, whatever that might be. If you want to step it up a notch, you can train Aussies to compete in canine sporting events, like obstacle courses. They will love competing and impressing you with their abilities. With Aussies, you get out what you put in.

Australian shepherd


The first thing you notice about the Papillion breed is their oversized ears and small head. Inside that little head, however, there’s a highly-functioning brain. The Papillion is an incredibly smart dog, and despite its size, one that needs space to run and play. This breed is highly-trainable and eager to please.

Descended from the toy spaniels that began to appear in Europe in the 16th century, the Papillion has a confident and sassy personality. Great with kids and other dogs, the Papillion makes a wonderful companion for just about anyone. They can easily adapt to small apartments and big spaces alike. They do require a lot of attention, and succinct training. But with some time and effort, you’ll have a loyal, fun and interesting companion for life.


German Shepherd

German Shepherds are one of the most intelligent dog breeds and perhaps the most loyal breed. They are famously attached to their owners, and with the right training, German Shepherds’ desires will align with those of their owners. German Shepherds are incredibly versatile, and they can learn a variety of tasks and execute them easily. They are utilized as police and military dogs due to their reliability and intuition. They are adept at rescuing, herding, competitive obedience contests, and drug detection.

Their greatest attribute, though, is that of companionship. You will rarely find a more loyal and faithful companion than a German Shepherd. They are large dogs but can adapt to living in smaller quarters – provided they get substantial exercise. They don’t have the energy level of some herding dogs, but their innate curiously requires mental stimulation. Training a German Shepherd can be an incredibly rewarding experience for both dog and owner.

german shepherd

Golden Retrievers

Everybody loves a Golden Retriever. With their seemingly endless smile, innocent eyes, and desire to please their owners, it’s no secret why the Golden is one of the most popular dogs in America. They are fun-loving and gentle, making them one of the best family dogs around. They were originally bred, as their name suggests, to retrieve birds for hunters.

They are ready and willing to please, whether it’s retrieving a duck or a tennis ball. Goldens are very easy to train, and while they are energetic, especially when they are young, they tend to mellow out as they get older. They are ready and willing to take the poking and prodding from toddlers and children. They have a sweet nature and instinctively know that humans mean them no harm. As with every dog on this list, training is required to ensure the Golden Retriever becomes the best “good” dog he can be.

There are plenty of other dog breeds that could be considered “obedient,” but obedience comes through training – not breeding. Some dogs are more intelligent than others, some are more willing to please their owners than others, but all dogs can be obedient if they are properly trained.

If you’re looking for an obedient dog, spend your time on training, or hire a professional trainer to help you. Almost all dogs love to please their owners. Being disobedient means disappointing their owners, and they will only act up if there is an underlying reason – they may be bored, under-stimulated, or mistreated. With dogs, you get out what you put in. If you show your dog strong leadership and reward him when he does well, your pup will learn very quickly and become a faithful companion for years to come!

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