Most Popular Dog Breeds in Texas

most popular dog breeds in texas

The love that people have for dogs is very distinct, and the reasons for that love are as varied as the number of breeds. Identifying what it is you love about dogs is very important, especially when choosing a dog to share your life with. Are you active and looking for a running partner? Do you like to cuddle and snuggle on the couch? Do you have children and want a dog that can be their best friend and protector?

All of these are questions that people ask themselves when choosing a dog, and it is no wonder why certain breeds are selected as top tier favorites time and time again. However, personal taste is just one contributing factor when it comes to dog selection. Geography and lifestyle play a big part in what breeds tend to live in what places and Texas has a wide variety of canines. There are lots of places to find information on what dogs tend to live where but the American Kennel Club is the authority on dog breeds by region. Here is our list of top five dog breeds in Texas.

Golden Retriever

most popular dog breeds in texas

It’s easy to see why this loveable, family-friendly pup has made it on the list of the most popular breeds in Texas. Golden Retrievers are gentle, kind, and excellent companions for a family setting. Their desire to be obedient and affectionate makes them an excellent choice for a family pet, and they are notoriously great with children and visitors. Their high intelligence and excellent retrieving skills make them a great choice for active families.

French Bulldog

Commonly referred to as “Frenchies” these adorable little pups are both curious and calculative.  French Bulldogs have a reputation for being attentive and curious but will never turning down a chance to sit in someone’s lap. The French Bulldog is a great observer who is always on the lookout for new interactions with people or other animals. Frenchies are a great city dog as they do not require a large amount of exercise nor do they require much physical space. Typically, one or two short daily walks is enough to keep a French Bulldog in shape.

English Bulldog

most popular dog breeds in texas

The English Bulldog comes in at number three for most popular dog breeds in Texas. This stocky, medium-sized muscle machine is all power but low endurance. Bulldogs are only physical in short spurts, which means they will only require a few short walks a day.  Bulldogs are exceptionally well behaved and can aptly be described as “big ‘ol sweetie pies.” Dependable and vastly loyal, this is another breed whose affection and predictability make it a phenomenal family dog.

Mixed Breed

Once referred to as a “mutt,” you won’t find mixed breed on the American Kennel Club’s list of breeds, as they are not purebred. But this classic American pooch represents an overwhelming number of dogs registered in the state of Texas according to Central Texas Animal Hospital.  Mixed breed dogs are often the description of a canine adopted from a shelter. These friendly companions are loving and devoted, making for an excellent companion for any household.  Mixed breed dogs have become a more popular choice when choosing a pet.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is America’s most popular dog the last ten years in a row, and Texas is right on board.  Whether its color is golden, silver, chocolate, or black, the Labrador Retriever is best described as an outgoing, friendly and active breed. These dogs are genuinely up for whatever and are especially thrilled if it involves exercise and their owners. They can be utilized as service or hunting dogs, but above all, this breed loves being a people pleaser. Because of this dog’s impressive qualities, it’s no wonder this breed has the number one spot in Texas.

Some of the other top contenders for most popular breeds in Texas included the Yorkshire Terrier, the Shih Tzu, and the Boxer. Texas is a big state that offers a variety of canine companions of all backgrounds and sizes. There is a whole world of breeds and choices, and for every human, there is a perfect dog to match.


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