Managing German Shorthaired Pointer Shedding

do german shorthaired pointers shed

German Shorthaired Pointers are intelligent, strong, and even-tempered. They love staying active and make a great family pet. If you’re thinking about bringing home a German Shorthaired Pointer but are unsure of his grooming requirements, keep reading for tips and tricks for managing German Shorthaired Pointer Shedding!


German Shorthaired Pointers are lean hunting dogs with long muzzles, dark almond-shaped eyes, large noses, and wide, floppy ears. They are slightly smaller in size than standard Pointers and do not have the same pronounced occipital bone. The tail of a German Shorthaired Pointer is usually docked at about half of the natural length.


german shorthaired pointer shedding

German Shorthaired Pointers have a short, thick, sleek liver-colored coat. The breed can be solid-colored or have a patched, roan, or ticked coat.

This breed naturally produces oil in their fur which helps to repel particles and anything that may typically stick to a dog’s coat. Some German Shorthaired Pointer coats can be soft and short, while others can be a bit longer with a coarse texture.

Do German Pointers Shed?

German Shorthaired Pointers are not considered to be heavy shedders. They shed a mild to a medium amount, compared to other breeds.

Their coat sheds mostly in the spring and fall. In warmer climates, a German Shorthaired Pointer may shed consistently throughout the year. Regular and consistent grooming will help prevent hair from getting all over your home.

Grooming a German Shorthaired Pointer

It is relatively easy to maintain a German Shorthaired Pointer’s coat. Learn how to properly bathe your dog and brush him regularly to keep him clean and prevent excess shedding on your furniture.


Since this breed isn’t a heavy shedder, your German Shorthaired Pointer will only need to be brushed once a week or so with a firm bristle brush or metal toothed comb. This will help to keep his coat healthy while removing any loose hair.

Start brushing by slowly working the brush or comb through different sections of your pet’s coat. Be sure not to rush, as this may hurt the dog’s sensitive skin or cause tangling. Regular brushing is great for German Shorthaired Pointers as it helps to move the natural oils through his coat. Brushing can also be a great opportunity to bond with your dog.



A German Shorthaired Pointer should be bathed as needed or when they get dirty from playing outside. It’s important to not bathe your pup too frequently, as this can irritate and dry out his skin by removing the conditioning oils in his coat. If your dog has sensitive skin or allergies, you may want to select a hypoallergenic dog shampoo.


After bathing your German Shorthaired Pointer, first, let him do an initial shake to get most of the water off. Next, you can use your hands to gently wring out excess water and use a towel to dry the rest of your dog’s coat, making sure that his head and ears are dry too.

managing german shorthaired pointer shedding



You may also opt to use a blow dryer on the warm setting (never hot) to dry your pet’s coat after a bath. If you use a blow dryer, make sure to hold it at least a foot away from his body to avoid irritating the skin.

A Groomed Dog is a Healthy Dog

Brushing and bathing your German Shorthaired Pointer on a regular basis will make him feel good and contribute to their overall health. Since the German Shorthaired Pointer is a mild shedder, they are relatively easy to groom and maintain.


Getting on a regular schedule of bathing and brushing your pet will keep him healthy and happy. Regular brushing will also help you keep your home clean and free from excess dog hair. Additionally, grooming your German Shorthaired Pointer can be a great opportunity to spend quality time with your pet.

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