How to Keep Your Cat Cool in the Summer

Cats are known for their cool demeanors. Whether they’re giving you a curious look, elegantly strutting on your furniture, or curling up for a relaxed cat nap, felines make everything look effortless. That is until the summer heat comes, and they go from serene to downright fatigued.

While you can’t change the weather outside, you can change how things feel for your fur-coat-wearing feline. This blog will explore a variety of ways to keep your cat cool in the summer and offer simple advice for making your home a safe haven from the heat. From cool treats, like CBD for cats, to grooming techniques, it’s time to find out how to keep your cat comfortable during the summer months.

Hoping to help turn down the heat for your cat? Read on to find out how to keep your cat cool in the summer.

Tips For Keeping Outdoor Cats Cool

Although many cat owners prefer to keep their furry friends inside, some cats refuse to remain indoors. Fortunately, you can nurture your cat’s wild spirit while taking the necessary precautions to keep them secure. 

Besides regular health checks, vaccines, and microchipping, there are some additional ways to ensure your cat stays cool on their hot days outside.

#1 Create Shade and Shelter

Beating the heat means getting out of the sun. As such, provide your cat with a space in the shade to cool off and take a catnap. 

There are plenty of natural places for cats to escape from the sun, including:

  • Shrubs
  • Trees
  • Bushes

But if your yard is a little low on natural shade, you might consider building a simple structure to keep your cat cool. Some popular options include:

  • A cat house – Constructing a small cat house can take an afternoon or an entire season, depending on your preference. For a simple, summer design, opt for a structure made of plywood and a weather-proof plastic roof. Try to keep the structure open to encourage airflow and avoid the house becoming too steamy.
  • A catio – It’s like a patio, but designed for cats. You can create an enclosed, outdoor catio that blends the benefits of the great outdoors with the comforts and shade that cats find inside.

No matter how extravagant your outdoor space is, your cat will appreciate a cool spot in the shade. You don’t have to build anything fancy, despite your cat’s regal appearance. 

#2 Provide Plenty of Water

It’s a given that heat can lead to dehydration. Help your cat by providing plenty of places to sip on some crisp, refreshing water.

When leaving water outside for your feline friend, keep the following in mind:

  • Beware of other animals – Even if you put your pet’s name on their bowl, there’s no stopping other animals from taking a sip from it themselves. Be mindful of who (or what) is drinking from your cat’s bowls. Depending on how many friends are lurking around your yard, you may need to refill and refresh the dishes more often.
  • Keep it cool – Place your water dishes somewhere out of the sun to keep them from evaporating. Additionally, you might consider adding a few ice cubes to the water dish to keep it cool for longer. Nobody likes lukewarm water, especially cats.
  • The more the merrier – Add some additional water dishes when the weather gets extra hot. If you’re going to be away for a longer time, there’s less risk of your cat’s water supply going totally dry.

#3 Encourage Inside TIme

Sure, your cat has a mind of its own, but encouraging them to spend a little bit less time outside in the heat, might be the best course of action.

In particular, you might consider keeping your cat inside during some specific times, such as:

  • Heat advisories – When the National Weather Service issues a heat advisory, outside fun can turn dangerous. Heat advisories are issued by your county and determined by local criteria. 1Rest assured, if a heat advisory is in effect, the temperatures are high enough to pose a serious health risk to cats and humans alike.
  • Peak hours – Typically, daily heat reaches its peak in the middle of the day, often by 3 p.m. Limiting your cat’s outdoor time to the earlier hours could help them avoid the worst of the heat. Plus, the afternoon is the perfect time for kitties to cozy up for a siesta.

Tips For Keeping Indoor Cats Cool

Wondering how to keep a cat cool in the summer heat, even when they’re inside? For kitties that prefer the domestic lifestyle, staying cool is still a priority. 

Keeping a cool home with fans and air conditioners can be essential for you and your cat’s comfort, but sometimes standard cooling appliances aren’t available or aren’t enough to escape the summer heat. That said, there are plenty of simple, effective, and affordable ways to cool down your cat.

#1 Cool Down One Room

Sometimes keeping your home at a pleasant temperature is impossible. While you’re struggling with your thermostat, you can try to prioritize keeping a single room comfortable enough for your cat to relax.

To create a cool room just for your precious pet, consider:

  • Closing the curtains
  • Keeping the door closed or slightly cracked open
  • Adding large fans and AC units

When setting up your cool-down room, make sure your cat can easily access their food and litter box, and be sure to keep your fan cords tucked away. You wouldn’t want your cat to accidentally sabotage their own chilled room.

#2 Treat Your Cat To Cold Treat

Keep your cat cool inside and out with some specialized treats for the summer months. You might not expect your cat to have an appetite for chilly snacks, but cold, feline-friendly treats are a great way to show your cat a little love when the heat is on.

Curious about some simple ways to make a cold cat treat? Consider these easy recipes:

  • Frozen dinner – If your cat regularly dines on canned wet food, whip them up a cold version of their favorite meal. Scoop their wet food into a bowl and add in a treat to make it extra special—like CBD for cats. Freeze your mixture in a plastic container, and dish it out for a scrumptious and chilly treat.
  • Chilly tuna tartare – Most cats are crazy for tuna, so why not cater to your cat’s refined palate with a tasty tuna treat. Blend a can of water-packed tuna with a bit of water to thin it out, and freeze it in an ice cube tray. A few hours later, you’ll have tuna-packed cubes for your cat to sink their teeth into (or mostly lick).
  • Icy puree – Chicken, turkey, fish—experiment with your pet’s favorite prepacked puree by placing it in the freezer for an hour or so. Before it’s completely frozen, take it out and squeeze out a dollop into your cat’s bowl. It’s like a little scoop of kitty ice cream.

If you’re not in the mood to cook, don’t underestimate how much fun your cat might have with a simple ice cube. You may end up with a wet floor, but it’s more than worth it to see your cat cool themselves and have a riot while doing it.

#3 Groom Your Cat For Summer

All cats can benefit from regular brushing, but fluffier breeds will also appreciate more extensive grooming. Long-haired cats may be more prone to hair mats and dirty coats than their short-haired brothers and sisters. 

Don’t worry, we’re not encouraging you to pick up a pair of shears and go to town. Instead, it might be worthwhile to consult with a professional cat groomer.

Most long-haired cats don’t require regular hair cuts, but it could be a fun and safe way to give your cat a style change and keep them cool at the same time.

When considering summer grooming, keep the following in mind:

  • Don’t go too short – If you choose to bring your cat to a groomer, don’t expect your former long-hair to come home with a buzz cut. Even when cats are groomed, they should always have at least one inch of fur.2 This will also help protect them from sun damage and other skin problems.
  • Start a kitty bath – One way to cool down is by taking a nice bath. While most cats are less than fond of water, you might find your feline friend feeling a little cleaner and a lot cooler after a dip in the tub. Be sure to always use pet-approved shampoos to ensure they’re as comfortable as they can be during bath time.

Cool and Calm—CBD From Canna-Pet

We’re all concerned about our furry friends during the warmer months, but by following our cooling tips, you can ensure your cat is ready to strut all summer long. Also, check out our favorite summer treats for dogs. They’re perfect to bring while hiking with your dog. After taking in these helpful tips, you might consider a way to keep your pets feeling their best, no matter the season. 

For an all-year-round solution, there’s Canna-Pet.

Ready to help your cat enjoy the benefits of full-spectrum hemp CBD? It’s never been easier than with our CBD for cats. Our products support healthy digestion, reduced inflammation, and may even help stimulate your cat’s appetite. If you’re ready to explore the health benefits of CBD with your cat, it all starts at Canna-Pet.


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