How To Groom A Pomeranian

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What makes Pomeranians recognizable and iconic are their luscious coats; however, a full coat also comes with a full grooming schedule. Due to the large amount of fur in conjunction with its length, Pomeranians are on the higher end of the grooming maintenance spectrum.

On the other hand, while these precious Poms may have a lot of fur, they are also relatively small compared to many dogs, reducing the time it takes to complete the grooming process. If you recently adopted or purchased a your own furry friend, you may be wondering how to groom a Pomeranian. With a few basic tools and a routine grooming schedule, you will be able to keep your pup’s coat looking healthy without much hassle or cost.

Combing the Coat

The most frequent grooming activity is brushing your Pom’s coat. Pomeranians get their classic, fluffy look from their double-layered coat, which also requires regular grooming to avoid matting, the buildup of dirt, and an excess of oils on the skin. A unique grooming tip that applies to Pomeranians is that you should not brush their coats when they are dry. To avoid damaging the hair, spray your dog’s coat with a gentle leave-in conditioner. After lightly spraying the top layer, you can begin combing the hair using a medium to wide tooth comb (not a brush).  

pomeranian grooming

Once you have gone over the coat with a comb, you should continue by brushing the hair with a regular pin brush, available at any pet store. Finish the brushing process by going over your Pomeranian’s coat with a comb one more time.

This comb, brush, comb process will help keep your pup’s coat tangle-free, remove burrs, and evenly distribute the skin’s natural oils throughout his coat.

This process should be done every other day if not daily, especially during times of increased seasonal shedding. To combat shedding, you can also use a slicker to remove excess hair.

Manage Matting

Even with proper Pomeranian grooming techniques, your pup may still develop a patch of matted fur. If this is the case, get the matted area damp and add conditioner. Gently work the conditioner into the matted area, slowly loosening the clump of fur. If after several minutes it does not seem like you are making any progress, the best idea is to cut the matted area out so it does not spread because the matts will grow if left unattended.

Bath Time

In addition to brushing your Pomeranian, you can also bathe your pup at home as opposed to taking him to the groomer. Your furry friend’s long hair also comes with more potential for it to drag in mud and accumulate dirt. However, you should only bathe your dog once a month or every three weeks at most. Over-bathing not only strips the coat of its natural oils, but it also irritates the skin. In between baths, you can wipe your Pom’s coat down with a warm, damp towel.

When bath time does roll around, brush your dog’s coat prior so you do not cause any tangles. After brushing, you can bathe your Pomeranian in the bathtub or sink. Make sure the water is only moderately warm and only a few inches high. Select a natural shampoo and conditioner that focuses on moisturizing so you do not dry out your dog’s skin or coat.

After gently washing your Pomeranian, making sure you do not get any water in his ears. Dry your pup by dabbing the water off gently. If you quickly move the towel around, you will tangle your dog’s fur. Finish the bathing process by brushing your Pomeranian one more time, and don’t forget to reward him with praise or a small treat for his patience.

Grooming Styles

Once your dog is brushed and cleaned, you are ready to explore Pomeranian grooming styles. There are a variety of haircuts your Pom can get ranging from short hair to the classic long-haired look. Two shorter cut options are the puppy cu

pomeranian grooming styles

t and the teddy bear cut. These cuts are very similar, leaving the coat at only about two inches in length. However, with the teddy bear cut, the hair around the face is rounded and left slightly longer to achieve this adorable, rounded look.

Both of these haircuts are low-maintenance; however, Pomeranian enthusiasts advise against this cut if you intend on having your pup’s coat longer later on. Cutting the coat off can lead to it not growing back the same as it was before. The lion cut has also become extremely popular amongst Pomeranians.

This is another short cut, but the hair around the face is cut like a lion’s mane. This is similar to the teddy bear cut, but a bit longer around the face. The most traditional grooming style for Pomeranians is the show cut. This is when the hair is left in its long, natural state. Although the coat may be trimmed, cleaned, and styled, there isn’t any drastic cutting.

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