How Can I Buy Canna-Pet® Products?

You can purchase Canna-Pet® directly from our online store, of course!

Canna-Pet® Capsules for Dogs

Canna-Pet® Capsules for Cats

Canna-Biscuits for Dogs


You may use any credit card to purchase our products directly.



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Our products ship promptly the next business day, following a successful order.

All domestic packages should arrive within nine days, please contact us so we can track your package if it has not arrived. Priority Mail shipments generally take 3-5 business days to arrive.

The most common cause of a package “not arriving” is that it was delivered to a neighbor – so if your shipment is overdue, please ask your neighbors or mail carrier while we track it for you.

International Shipments may take 2-3 weeks for standard shipping and 2 weeks for Priority.




We also have a growing network of retailers and veterinarians who carry our products.

If your local retailer or vet doesn’t carry Canna-Pet® yet- tell them to drop us a line and we can sign them up to stock it for you.

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