A Guide To Yorkie Grooming & Hairstyles

grooming a yorkie

Half of the fun of owning a Yorkie is being able to style his hair in fun, funky, or just plain adorable ways. Yorkies’ hair grows similarly to how human hair grows; it will continue to grow until it becomes old and falls off which may end up being quite long.

As a result, you will need to cut and groom your Yorkie’s hair regularly. With all that hair to play with, it’s good to know the standard practices and tips for grooming a Yorkie so you can do it yourself.

Yorkie Grooming Standard Practices

Brushing and Detangling

This should be done daily, regardless of hair length. Brushing daily will prevent matted hair that damage their hair and possibly their skin. Extremely tangled hair or mats can cut off circulation and possibly cause injury.

yorkie grooming styles

The best way to brush and comb a Yorkie’s hair is to divide it into a section then carefully brush each section without tugging on the skin.

If it is very knotted, it may be helpful to use detangling products or a de-matter.

Washing and Bathing

It is important to know how to properly bathe your dog. Generally, Yorkies are bathed once a week.

This can be done in a large sink or bathtub containing a rubber anti-slip mat to ensure he has a stable place to stand. Use shampoos and conditioners that have the correct pH for Yorkies and remember to never use human shampoos and conditioners.

During the winter, consider adding a little bit of coconut oil to the conditioner to help prevent dry skin. Make sure to thoroughly rinse out the shampoo and conditioner while you are bathing your pup. For drying, any method is fine; you can even use a hair-dryer on low-heat, as long as your Yorkie gets fully dry.

Trimming and Haircuts

It’s recommended to go to a professional groomer or your breeder the first time, or the first few times your Yorkie gets a haircut in order to get some hands-on training and tips. A puppy’s hair will grow slower than an adult’s hair. Generally, the first full-body haircut will be done around 4 months old.

The face, ears, and mouth may need to be groomed earlier than 4 months. It’s important to keep your pups ears well groomed as well as keep his ears clean. Standard practice is to shave your dog’s ear hair down to about ⅓ down from the tip of the ear. After 4 months, your Yorkie will need to have his body trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks.

Make sure your Yorkie can see! No matter what hairstyle you choose, it’s essential that your dog can see. The most popular of the Yorkie grooming styles is the topknot. Or, you can simply maintain shorter hair around the eyes.

Yorkie Hairstyles

The Classic Top Knot

This can be done with almost any haircut to allow your pup to see through those long locks.

Pro Tip: Re-do the topknot daily to remove tangles and prevent damage.  


This is a less ‘basic’ and fun twist on the topknot to keep your Yorkie’s sight clear. Follow the same direction as a topknot, but split it down the middle before tying.

Classic Cut

Achieve this classic Yorkie hairstyle by keeping the hair around the face about 2-3 inches long and the rest of the body about 1 inch in length.

The Lion Cut

There are several ways to attain this look, but the most important part is to trim your pups head hair so it looks like he has a lion’s mane.

Long Hair Don’t Care

Keep your Yorkie warm during the winter months with this head-turning hair-do. Simply grow those lovely locks out and maintain a straight cut about half an inch from the ground. Make sure to keep the hair from getting knotted and dirty.

yorkie grooming

Nothing But Legs

Once the winter is over, this is an easy transition from ‘Long Hair Don’t Care’ hair-do.

Trim all hair but the legs, and trim a rounded bob around your dog’s face.

Pro-tip: Trim along his natural color change line for an elegant two-toned effect.

The Terrier ‘Stache

Obtain this swanky look by leaving the hair long and touching up around the nose and mouth, but cut the rest of the face hair short.

Designs and Patterns

You can also add a fun design or pattern to your Yorkie’s hairstyle to any plain area. 

Always Accessorize

Elevate any hair-do with bows, fun hairpins, sparkly bling, tiaras, flower crowns, and much more.

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