Great Dane Training Tips

great dane training

When one thinks of a giant dog breed, odds are the massive Great Dane is the first one that comes to mind. These dogs are affectionate, loyal, and approachable, which are all traits that are highly admired by any dog owner or advocate.

Although training a dog is never an easy task, the Great Dane makes the challenge quite enjoyable as long as the process begins at a young age. Below is a quick guide to everything you need to know about training your Great Dane dog successfully and how to encourage positive behavior.

Personality of the Great Dane

How easy it is to train a dog depends on the breed’s overall temperament and personality. When it comes to the Great Dane, these gentle giants are devoted, kind, and confident, creating an ideal mix for a perfect household pet.

great dane potty training

What sets the Great Dane apart from most breeds is that these dogs are known to be fully committed people pleasers. They thrive form human companionship and will follow around their owners in order to get as much attention as possible.

Since they are always trying to make their owners happy, they tend to take training practices very well and will excel at whatever task comes their way.

Simple commands such as sit and stay are a breeze for these pups, and they will need to be challenged with more difficult tasks in order to be mentally stimulated on a daily basis.

Keep in mind that the Great Dane is also a gentle breed which means they can become sensitive or reclusive if given harsh punishment during training. To avoid this from happening, always use positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior.

Great Dane Training Tips

Just like with any breed, it is always recommended to start the canine training process as young as possible. Training a Great Dane will be a lot easier while they are still small compared to when they are their full colossal size.

It is also essential to keep the dog training short and sweet to prevent your pup from becoming bored or uninterested. Try creating a training program that is the same time every day, so your dog gets into a daily routine and knows what to expect.

Keep each training practice identical so you don’t confuse him with new commands. Only move onto more challenging training when you know your dog has mastered the tricks he has been working on.


The best place to start with your Great Dane puppy training is through socialization of your dog. This step is a critical factor to ensure that your dog turns into an outgoing and friendly companion as early on as possible.

To properly socialize the Great Dane, introduce them to different people, places, sounds, and experiences during their first few months of life. Socialization with others will also help them feel more comfortable in everyday situations and be a more well-rounded companion for years to come.

Obedience Training

Having a Great Dane that doesn’t respect their owner is a recipe for disaster. That’s why obedience training is a necessary step during the Great Dane training process. These commands and cues will help to establish yourself as the leader of the household and will create the respect that your furry companion requires in order to be a well-behaved pet.

If you are an inexperienced owner or are having a difficult time training your Great Dane, try enrolling him in a puppy training course. Not only will this teach him the basic commands, but this will also help to socialize him with other dogs as well.

Crate Training

As soon as you bring your Great Dane home, you should start the crate training process right away. Crate training ensures that your dog will not be creating a mess or getting into things that he shouldn’t be while you are out of the house. Crate training is also a crucial step needed for puppy potty training.

great dane puppy training



However, with that being said, these dogs should not be crate trained just to be left there for hours on end.

Great Danes are massive dogs and need plenty of space to roam as they please. They should only be in a crate for a few hours or while they are sleeping and nothing more.

How to Enforce Good Behavior

As previously stated, the best approach for encouraging good behavior in your Great Dane is by using positive reinforcement.

Treats, affection, and praise are all ways you can use positive reinforcement to enforce learned commands and skills.

While you are training a Great Dane pup, only use positive reinforcement immediately after he has performed the desired behavior. This will help to reinforce good behavior only when he has done something correctly.

The most important thing to remember as your dog’s owner is to have patience. Your Great Dane is more than capable of learning new tricks, but he will need extra time, patience, and love to learn the desired behavior you are after. Once you have given your Great Dane all of these things, you will have an obedient and well-trained companion in no time at all.

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